Moon Knight: Secret No Way Home Connection Confirms MAJOR Ammit Theory

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The latest Marvel series, Moon Knight is bringing a whole new side of MCU on the screen. The show is nothing like what we have seen previously seen in the universe. It is a psychological thriller superhero show. But the second episode of the series hints toward the connection with Spider-Man: No Way Home. It could be using the same magic as the last Marvel movie.


It can be hard to draw the connection between Moon Knight based which is based on Egyptian ods and the Marvel universe exploring the multiverse. But when they use the same color scheme and effects in the Moon Knight and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Moon Knight’s connection with No Way Home

Moon Knight is connected to No Way Home
Moon Knight is connected to No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home works further on the concept of variants and multiverse that was hinted at in Loki, the Disney+ series. When at the end of the movie, the multiverse begins to collapse, and other Spider-Man variants start coming in, the cracks are a given a purple glow. The world begins to crumble and to stop it Doctor Strange casts the final spell.

Arthur Harrow's summoning hints at the multiverse
Arthur Harrow’s summoning hints at the multiverse

Now, similar purple glowing tears have been shown in Moon Knight. During the climactic moment where Arthur Harrow summons the Jackal, we see a claw appear from a purple portal. This could possibly be a hint that the summoning is not bound to one universe. And the Jackal is probably entering the Moon Knight universe from a different one.

Arthur Harrow’s summoning confirms major Ammit theory

With Moon Knight’s connection to ancient Egypt, the land with the civilization that is ever so mysterious. There are many rituals and techniques that were used by Egyptians that are unexplained. In the Marvel comics, it has already been mentioned that the Ennead live in a different universe. So, the show uses a similar portal as the movie could hint that in the show to the Gods, Khonshu and Ammit use the portal to connect with Earth.

Moon Knight episode 2 confirms Ammit theory
Moon Knight episode 2 confirms Ammit theory

The portal could be an interesting way to connect Egyptian Gods and the concept of the multiverse into one. This could also be the reason why Khonshu communicates in his astral form. If it is true that the Egyptian Gods are from a different universe, the show’s finale could hint at something important about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Moon Knight’s new episodes come out every Wednesday on Disney+.

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