Necrosword Vs. Stormbreaker: Which Cosmic Weapon Is The True World-Killer?

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More than Marvel’s supervillains, Marvel’s weapons are deadlier and more powerful. And there isn’t just one but many weapons that make its wielder mighty. One such weapon is All-Black The Necrosword. If you were under the impression that the Infinity Gauntlet was the most potent weapon, then you’re wrong. In the Marvel Universe, the Necrosword might be more important than the Gauntlet. Fans have been debating over the most powerful cosmic weapon, especially over Necrosword and Stormbreaker, and we’re here to put light onto both weapons’ greatest abilities and weaknesses. We know you can’t stop yourself from scrolling now, so let’s go!


All-Black the Necrosword

1. History of All-Black The Necrosword: When Celestials set out creating existence, it upset Knull, and that’s when All-Black came into existence. The sole purpose of the weapon was to slay Celestials and other powerful gods. The weapon is darkness incarnate and responds to the wielder’s negative emotions, enhancing them greatly.

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2. Knull created the Godslayer: The cosmic weapon is created by Knull, the God of Symbiotes, using the head of a dead Celestial space god. It is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous weapons and is called the Godslayer. After Knull created and wielded the weapon, he was on a killing spree that resulted in killing many gods.

All-Black The Necrosword
Knull created Necrosword

3 Strengths of All-Black: The wielder of this deadly weapon later became a mere slave of its evil murderous will. Yes, it gave its user formidable strength; it came with a price. Along with the powers and strong will, the powers drove the users into madness. It made it kill even the closest of the brothers-in-arm. It gave Gorr the God Butcher, a mere mortal, incredible superhuman strength and made him a dark god. The weapon corrupted him with power to such an extent that he was determined to wipe out all the deities ever existed by setting a Godbomb.

Gorr the God Butcher

4. Wielders of the cosmic weapon: After Knull, the weapon was used by Gorr, who was determined to kill every god out there. Thor intervened in Gorr’s plans and destroyed him, and sent the weapon into Black Hole. But it was later found by Galactus, which turned him into Butcher of Worlds. He was subsequently defeated by Ego the Living Planet. But since he did not wield it for very long, Loki found it, who then became the All-Butcher. Because of the corrupt powers of the weapon, it made Loki an even formidable threat to Asgard and Thor.

All-Black The Necrosword Galactus became Butcher of Worlds
Butcher of Worlds


1. History and creation of one of the greatest weapons: We all saw in Avengers: Infinity War how the weapon was created. The ax was made by Eitri on Nidavellir and is considered the greatest weapon in Asgard’s history. After Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet made by the dwarves of Nidavellir, he seals Eitri’s hands. But as Thor reaches there, he and Rocket Raccoon help Eitri forge Stormbreaker, a weapon as powerful as to destroy Thanos. It is made of ingots of Uru and Groot’s arm as the handle.

Stormbreaker’s creation

2. Origin of Stormbreaker In The Comic Books: In the comic books, the weapon’s origin wasn’t quite the same. It wasn’t forged because Thor asked Eitri to, but because Odin did. It was, instead, created for Beta Ray Bill as he was guilty of wielding Mjolnir after Thor had used it for so long.

Thor's Ax, Stormbreaker – Swish And Slash
Beta Ray Bill

3. Strengths of Stormbreaker: The weapon is extremely powerful and enhances Thor’s strengths. Among all the other weapons, Stormbreaker was the only one that could injure him (if only it would’ve been his head instead). Also, since it is made of Uru, it can withstand the energy coming from the Infinity Stones. It also allows the user to teleport across realms as it can summon the Bifrost bridge. 


4. Differences in the MCU and comic book versions of Stormbreaker: Both versions have too many differences. Firstly, the appearance and secondly the intensity of its powers. If someone unworthy tried to wield the weapon in the comic books, it would blow them up.

Differences in the weapons

Stormbreaker is a tough opponent to beat.  But its clear with their power differences, All-Black the Necrosword is the true world-killer. Tell us your views in the comments below.

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