Not Makima or Denji, Chainsaw Man’s Strongest Devil Could be Another Individual Altogether

Chainsaw Man is going to face his biggest challenge in the Death Devil

Not Makima or Denji, Chainsaw Man's Strongest Devil Could be Another Individual Altogether


  • Chainsaw Man's strongest devil is the Death Devil.
  • Death Devil wants to see Devils dominate Earth in a new age.
  • Denji might be able to defeat Death Devil by increasing the fear of the Chainsaw man.

Tatsuki Fujimoto has introduced numerous formidable Devils in Chainsaw Man over the course of the series. The highlight of the first arc was the Control Devil harbored by Makima along with the omnipresent Gun Devil. However, as the world prepares itself for an apocalypse, it has been revealed that none can be as strong as the Death Devil.

Chapter 146: Chainsaw Man War gave a teaser on one of the Four Horseman’s inevitable forthcoming. Barem Bridge ominously reiterated the Prophecy of Nostradamus, stating that the ‘Great King of Terror’ would be arriving in half a year. The Chainsaw Man Church has devised a solid plan to bring down the Death Devil, who is going to appear in the seventh month of 1999.

Denji and Pochita in Chainsaw Man
Denji and Pochita in Chainsaw Man anime

However, despite the plan concocted by Fami and the church, beating Death will be a herculean task. Devil powers are fueled by people’s fear of them. Since death brings a fear of the unknown and the end to all life forms, it is the strongest fear among all living beings.

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Who is the Death Devil in Chainsaw Man?

Given that it is the bringer of the end, fans suspected that Death Devil wouldn’t possess the form of a human. This theory was debunked when Nayuta, the Control Devil, revealed in Chapter 146 that the devil is a sister to them. It is still unknown whether the eldest sibling of the Four Horsemen is a Primal Fear even though it is closely related to the Darkness Devil as per mythological sources.

The Death Devil wants to usher in a new age that sees Devils dominate Earth. This will topple the power structure created by Fami, who is the secret leader of the Chainsaw Man Church and wields power that can change the entire complexion of Tokyo. It is thus her mission to kill the Death Devil rather than ally with her sister as she tried to do with the War Devil.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 146
Nayuta talks about the Death Devil

According to the first impressions, Death Devil seems to be an undiplomatic menace who wields tremendous power. Nayuta termed it to be “the super-super strongest devil with the name feared most of all.” Chainsaw Man is setting up more gruesome and gory scenes as all four Horseman are about to be in the human world and each will use their own twisted methods that cost the lives of humans and devils alike.

Denji versus Death Devil – How Can Chainsaw Man Achieve The Impossible & Defeat Death?

Since the Death Devil is overly powerful due to the fear associated with it, the fear of the Chainsaw Devil needs to be on par with it to give Denji chances of victory. Fami has a devious plan in motion to give Denji the required power at the cost of human lives.

The leader of the Chainsaw Man Church tricked an estimated 350,000 people by goading them to get into a contract with the Justice Devil and possess any Devil’s powers. However, instead of the Justice Devil, it was actually the Fire Devil. The latter’s power increases as more and more people get into a contract with it, such that defeating it is now seemingly out of the question.

chainsaw man chapter 146
Humanoid chainsaw men have overrun Japan in the manga

People who got into a contract with the Fire Devil have turned into humanoid chainsaw men. These pseudo-Chainsaw Devils are increasing the fear based around chainsaws, thus powering the actual Chainsaw Devil named Pochita who is the source of Denji’s powers. The whole plan is revealed by Nayuta at the end of Chainsaw Man Chapter 146.

Denji, who has been able to defeat the Control Devil, Bomb Devil, and Zombie Devil, is about to face his biggest challenge in the entire series. More chaos is expected to unfold before the ‘Ultimate Terror’ descends on Earth in July 1999 in Chainsaw Man.

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