Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies Ranked According To Letterboxd

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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disney’s most successful and highest-grossing franchises. With five movie installments, the swashbuckling adventures of the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew have spanned for more than a decade. It may continue to do so as long as Disney will keep on rebooting the franchise.


While fans are still waiting for updates regarding the sixth installment, why not relive the thrilling escapades of our favorite pirates by re-watching the old ones? We have ranked all Pirates of the Caribbean movies according to their Letterboxd ratings.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) – 2.6

Pirates of the Caribbean 2


The latest movie dives into an all-new adventure where Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself face to face with his old nemesis, the evil Captain Salazar. The latter escapes from the Devil’s Triangle, and Jack’s only hope is to find the Trident of Poseidon. He, later on, forms an unlikely alliance with a brilliant horologist and a young man who happens to be Elizabeth and Will Turner’s son.

Although the movie became a worldwide hit and did well at the box office, it still garnered unfavorable reviews. While Will and Elizabeth made short cameos, Jack somehow felt out of his character.

On Stranger Tides (2011) – 2.7

Pirates of the Caribbean 1


Jack Sparrow’s past catches up with him as he crosses paths with an old flame, Angelica. She forced him to accompany her in search of the Fountain of Youth. But, another crew, which also yearns for the elixir, will stand in their way.

This movie is based on a Disney book of the same title by Tim Powers. Although Ian McShane’s performance as Blackbeard has been highly praised, it still did not influence the audience’s perception of the film.

At World’s End (2007) – 3.2

Jack Sparrow


The final installment in the original trilogy saw Captain Jack Sparrow trapped in Davey Jones’ Locker. To unite the Pirate Lords and bring an end to the chaos, Elizabeth and Will team up with Captain Barbossa to free Jack.

At World’s End is considered to be a fairly good film in the franchise. Although it has a lot of happenings and can be distracting at times, it surely delivered a great plot and viewing experience.

Dead Man’s Chest (2006) – 3.4



The success of the first movie guaranteed the creation of this sequel although it took three years to make. Elizabeth and Will’s wedding was interrupted by yet another wild adventure for the two, which involves the notorious Jack Sparrow.

It was not as popular as the first movie, but it certainly performed well. It is still considered as a benchmark of blockbuster films. The spectacular sword fight scenes and stunning visual effects proved to be noteworthy.

The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) – 3.8

Pirates of the Caribbean 3


The first movie is the most highly praised and favored by the general audience. It proves to be the icon of what blockbuster movies should aim for. The film was inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme park. It only took one decision before it flourished into a pop culture hallmark.

Watching the film transports the audience into another dimension. No matter how many times we have seen them, they are still considered a fresh plot in today’s movie standards.


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