“Truly excellent gameplay”: 8 Months on and Red Dead Redemption 2’s Roger Clark has Finished Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but he Can’t Get on Board with 1 Decision by Insomniac

Red Dead Redemption 2's Roger Clark finished Marvel's Spider-Man 2 but still disagrees with one creative change.

rdr2’s roger clark, marvel’s spider-man 2


  • Red Dead redemption 2 actor Roger Clark finished playing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and revealed his favorite Venom host.
  • Insomniac Games has ambitious plans for the future of the Marvel's Spider-Man franchise that could lead to spinoff titles.
  • Eddie Brock could be later introduced in a sequel or a spinoff given the character's popularity across various mediums.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man was a massive triumph for Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel Games, and Insomniac Games. The first game did incredibly well which only makes sense to be excited for a sequel and one voice actor shared his two cents after wrapping up the story.


Roger Clark is known for his fantastic performance as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 which makes him an authority on the topic. After completing the main story, fans asked Clark about his opinion of the Symbiote supervillain and his response was not shocking.

Roger Clark Loved Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 but Isn’t a Fan of Venom’s Host

The sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man had better gameplay which Roger Clark loved.
The sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man had better gameplay which Roger Clark loved.

The Marvel Multiverse is unraveling, opening an unlimited number of opportunities for creatives to take their original take on the beloved web-slinger lore. Countless iterations have shown that anyone can be a suitable host for the Symbiote villain but Clark has his favorites and unfortunately, Harry Osborn isn’t one of his.


When asked about his opinion of the main villain, Clark reveals he prefers a different character to be the host.


Eddie Brock is the more notable character to host the villain in other adaptations across live-action films, video games, and comics which only makes sense for fans to be disappointed when the character didn’t even appear in the sequel. Although his omission can be upsetting, the developers have shown grit and creativity to come up with something different, unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of it.

Perhaps there are plans for the developers to include the character in future installments. The canceled multiplayer project titled The Great Web could have been a perfect opportunity to showcase Brock and a plethora of variants hosting the alien symbiote. Sony has high hopes for the future of the franchise and there will always be an opportunity to have Brock enter and take center stage.

Venom Could Still Come Back for a Marvel’s Spider-Man Spinoff

Eddie Brock could make his debut in a spinoff title set in the Marvel's Spider-Man universe.
Eddie Brock could make his debut in a spinoff title set in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe.

The beauty of allowing different creatives to be granted the freedom of crafting their original stories will allow certain characters and storylines to be explored. The villain was seemingly killed off during the climactic battle but nothing can’t be undone in the realm of science fiction.


Perhaps an expansion for the sequel is in the works, fans spotted details of a potential DLC relating to Tombstone. There is still hope for Brock to appear in future content to please diehard fans of the source material.

Fortunately, the sequel ended leaving the story open-ended. Yuri Lowenthal himself was surprised by what the studio managed to pull off and is uncertain about Peter Parker’s future.

Clark praises the gameplay but has his opinions regarding the villain which seems to be an unpopular one and could raise some eyebrows amongst the gaming community. The future of the franchise is up in the air but the developers are capable of delivering a good story that could involve the introduction of Eddie Brock in a spinoff or sequel.


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