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Ryan Reynolds Hasn’t Watched His Green Lantern Movie

Ever since Ryan Reynolds joined the production of Green Lantern, he has absolutely hated the film. It turned out to be a big green bomb at the Box Office, so none of us complain about his disliking of the film either. We just join him in his constant trolling and have a good time. We had to spend a couple of hours under distress while watching this film. But since Reynolds had to suffer the distress on set in his mocap suit, he saved his two hours and did not watch Green Lantern. In his recent barrage of tweets, he showed excitement for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, promoted Aviation American Gin, wished us a happy St. Patrick’s Day, and revealed that he hasn’t watched his Green Lantern movie to date. Here, check out his thread:

It’s crazy that Reynolds did not find Green Lantern a total waste of time. Looking at these tweets, he seems to have enjoyed it more than he thought he would. Well, we may not get a ‘Snyder Cut’ for Green Lantern, but we are certainly getting an HBO Max Green Lantern series. What’s great is that it will possibly be followed by the Green Lantern Corps. movie. But, it’s safe to say that the film is still at least 2 to 3 years away from us, if not more. Till then, we’ll get a new Deadpool movie which will surely continue the mockery of Reynolds’ Green Lantern. Here’s what Snyder replied after Reynolds showed his excitement for the Snyder Cut:


Back in 2019, Reynolds teamed up with Michael Bay and caused all sorts of explosions in Netflix’s 6 Underground. While that turned out to be a lethal combination, I’d say that a team-up between Snyder and Reynolds will be even bigger and possibly even better. Last year, we heard all sorts of rumors suggesting that Reynolds will return as Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut itself. The Deadpool star even mocked that with a fun little cut of Green Lantern involving Tom Cruise. We know that Reynolds is not in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But if the sequels do happen on HBO Max, then maybe he could join those? He’s a busy guy. But hey, at least we can dream!


Written by Vansh Mehra

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