Sci-Fi Franchises That Went Downhill After These Movies

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The world of the movie making industry is home to several sci-fi franchises. Some of them are still going strong. Some of the sci-fi franchises have lost almost all steam.


Terminator Genisys Could Have Been The Next Judgment Day

Terminator Genisys

The last good Terminator movie was terminator 3: rise of the Machines. The quality saw a significant drop from Terminator: Salvation. But the real kick in the hooters for the Terminator franchise was Terminator Genisys. That movie totally missed the mark, pushing too much humor into the story and adding an idiotic romantic interest angle. Genisys could have been a deeply emotional tale. It could have been made on the same pace and tone as Terminator 2: Judgment Day. By forcing Arnold’s character to stay alive rather than make the sacrifice play, Genisys completely missed the mark. Sci-fi franchises like Terminator need a reality check.


Pacific Rim: Uprising Relied Too Much On CGI & Too Little On Actual Story

pacific rim uprising imax trailer
Pacific Rim: Uprising

The original Pacific Rim was a gorgeous movie that featured the magic of Guillermo del Toro. It was beautiful, full of epic Kaiju fights, and an action packed blockbuster with incredible characters. Uprising was a snoozefest. It focused too much on the CGI, especially the giant robots. Believe it or not, Pacific Rim was good because the fans loved the characters more than the robot vs kaiju fights. Uprising killed off the original characters. This left a gaping hole in the sequel that no amount of CGI could fill. Ultimately, Pacific Rim: Uprising’s lackluster performance was its own undoing. Maybe if Guillermo del Toro was still a part of the project, it would not have been such a disaster.

Alien Covenant Should Have Been A True Prometheus Sequel

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Alien Covenant

We are not saying Alien Covenant was a bad movie. But the change of tone was not appreciated. Alien Covenant was marketed as a sequel to the blockbuster movie Prometheus. Prometheus was a part prequel and part stand alone project. Instead, the movie ended up having more in common with Alien. The ambiguous nature of Prometheus left a lot of questions that remained to be answered. Alien Covenant was supposed to be that codex. Instead we got another jumbled mess that did not stand the test of time. As the days pass by, more and more fans of sci-fi franchises like Alien have come to hate movies like Alien Covenant.


The Matrix Resurrections Had A Very Repetitive Narrative

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The Matrix Resurrections

The single greatest criticism this movie gets is that it had the potential to be truly great. But ended up being an underwhelming experience. There were so many details and directions the trailer led us through. In the end, The Matrix Resurrections was too similar to the narrative of the original Matrix movie. It was very uncreative and lacked that X-factor. What could have easily been the revival of one of the greatest sci-fi franchises in human history was wasted due to bad writing and narration. There are still some possibilities to undo the damage done by Resurrections in a fifth Matrix film.

Men In Black 3 Focused On The Wrong Things Too Much

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The film begins with a dangerous criminal being held in a prison on the lunar surface. Boris is one of the most dangerous criminals in the Men In Black universe. And it was the moon prison part that caught everyone’s attention. Men In Black 3 could have explored the lunar prison facility more. The MIB could have taken to outer space. But we got some really bad storytelling. The movie’s only saving grace was Will Smith and his time travel shenanigans. It was still better than Men in Black: International. If sci-fi franchises like MIB do come back, they should start at a point where they were ahead and erase everything that went downhill. MIB 3 makes perfect sense as the starting line for a reboot.



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