“She DID NOT Want To Do This”: Amber Heard’s Parents on Why Johnny Depp is Winning

The Amber Heard – Johnny Depp saga continues full steam with fresh revelations and details emerging often. The bitter legal battle is being fought over a 2018 op-ed written by Heard in the Washington Post over abusive relationships. Depp sued his ex-wife claiming that the publication defamed him and hurt his career.

Now, a chat roaming around the internet, which allegedly includes conversations by Amber Heard’s parents is sparking the interest of fans. What do these chats reveal? We take a closer look at this in this article. What is your take on this whole matter? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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What Heard’s Parents have to say on the Matter

What heard's parents think of her dispute with Johnny Depp
A Picture of Amber Heard from the trial

Recently, there were some chat messages floating around on the internet. These allegedly show Amber’s parents Paige Heard and David Heard’s take on the matter. As per these chats, it seems that her parents believed that the trouble was the fault of Heard’s lawyers.

One of the messages allegedly written by Paige Heard reads, “It’s the lawyers on both sides doing this not Amber. I heard the whole story very teary—if I could just talk to Johnny. She didn’t want this. Friggin lawyers on BOTH sides!! This was not her idea, not her wishes. She was told she would be evicted and out in 30 days if she did not do this.”

She continues, “Her dumb lawyer possibly as the only way she would have a place to live in 30 days. She DID NOT want to do this I swear to you. The lawyers are frigging things up.”

Paige also allegedly texted, “She was told it was her ONLY option to not being kicked out. I’m not making excuses but that is what she believed. She did not want to do it. She felt she was betraying her only love but the lawyers said so.”  “Please don’t pass this on if you ever talk to Amber again. I love you, son.”

These alleged texts seem quite interesting and cast an intriguing color on the whole matter.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Bitter Legal Dispute

What do the in laws of Johnny Depp think of the dispute
Depp and Heard, the litigants in the case

The actor Johnny Depp is suing Heard for defamation in Fairfax County, Virginia, US. The Trial of this civil suit began in April 2022. This lawsuit stems from an op-ed written by his ex-wife in The Washington Post about abusive relationships. While the article did not expressly mention him by name, Depp argued that it greatly damaged his career.

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