Sledgehammer Games are Left to Fend for Themselves as Call of Duty: Zombies Maestro’s Treyarch Move on to Next ‘exciting Project

Sledgehammer Games takes over Modern Warfare Zombies as Treyarch focuses on new Call of Duty project. What's next for COD fans?

Sledgehammer Games are Left to Fend for Themselves as Call of Duty: Zombies Maestro's Treyarch Move on to Next 'exciting Project


  • Treyarch Corporation shifts focus to new Call of Duty project, leaving Modern Warfare Zombies development to Sledgehammer Games.
  • Rumors suggest the new project may be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops: Gulf War, marking the first full-fledged COD title under Microsoft.
  • Despite its success, fans express disappointment with Modern Warfare Zombies' lack of major content updates, hoping for new story missions and gameplay elements.
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In the past few years, we have seen how Treyarch Corporation has shaped up the Call of Duty world. Be it the iconic COD: World at War or the modern COD: Black Ops series, this Activision-acquired company has played a huge role in where COD is today. But will Treyarch ever stop giving this long-hailed franchise more glory?


Absolutely not, as Treyarch is now up to a new exciting Call of Duty project. And this news is confirmed by the company itself, as the remaining work on Modern Warfare Zombies will be looked after by Sledgehammer Games, another development company of Activision. Let’s jump into the article and know the whole story.

Treyarch Has Shifted Its Focus to a New Call of Duty Title from Modern Warfare Zombies

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 features an exciting zombie mode.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 features an exciting zombie mode.

Recently, during a creator call this week, Treyarch Corporation officially confirmed that the company has now shifted its whole focus to “something exciting on the horizon.” So far, the rest of the development work for Modern Warfare Zombies has been looked after by Treyarch, like its remaining story and content.


But as it has taken another job on its shoulders, now MWZ will be taken care of by Sledgehammer Games, which happens to be another subsidiary company of Activision. Needless to say, Sledgehammer Games is responsible for some of the greatest COD titles, like COD: MW3 (2011), COD: Warzone, COD: Modern Warfare III (2023), and many more.

Now the main question that arises in mind is: what is this new project? According to certain rumors, this title is going to be named Call of Duty: Black Ops: Gulf War. There might be some complications as to why the company is not announcing the title yet.


The reason might be the cautious and careful behavior, as Activision had to make rushed development work to release Modern Warfare 3 as the historic merger deal at that time was still not transparent. So, basically, this new project is going to be the first full-fledged COD title under Microsoft.

What Has Treyarch Left Behind for the Call of Duty Fans in the Modern Warfare Zombies?

Is MWZ in Call of Duty dead?
Is MWZ in Call of Duty dead?

Last year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was the second-highest-selling title. Despite much criticism, Modern Warfare Zombies played a pivotal role in MW3‘s success. Unlike the survival zombie mode in previous COD titles, this zombie mode is a bit different, where you will have two teams of 24. In this mode, you will have certain objectives to complete, competing against real payers and zombies.

However, fans are still disappointed with MWZ, as it has been missing major content since the launch of Season 2. Even in the Season 3 update, there was not much to offer in this particular game mode. It is expected that this mode will get a new story mission, Dark Aether rift, warload, and classified schematics.


Now it’s up to Treyarch and Sledgehammer to shape up the future of Call of Duty.

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