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“Some will be actors I’ve worked with before”: James Gunn Will Allow MCU Actors to Jump Ship to DCU Under One Condition

"Some will be actors I've worked with before": James Gunn Will Allow MCU Actors to Jump Ship to DCU Under One Condition

James Gunn has become the target of DC fans since he decided to exclude Henry Cavill from his future DCU plans. The American filmmaker took over as the CEO of DC Studios with Peter Safran in November 2022. He has been working on his future plan for DC since then and is expected to reveal the new DCU plan soon. And as Gunn has worked with both DC and MCU, there have been speculations that his new plan could include bringing some of the Marvel stars into the DC world as well.

DC Studios CEO James Gunn
DC Studios CEO James Gunn

The Guardians of the Galaxy director has said that he may bring some of the MCU stars to the DCU, but not everyone is happy and excited about it. And fans have once again shared their disagreement with Gunn and asked the filmmaker to bring in new faces instead of casting actors he has been working with over the years.

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James Gunn on Casting Marvel Actors For DC Roles

Recently in his interview with Empire, James Gunn talked about his relationship with the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, saying that he is really close with them. The Super director has worked with the cast since the 2014 film and the cast is set to return in the upcoming threequel.

James Gunn's transparency as DC Studios boss received with unanimous praise
James Gunn

However, it is expected to be the last film in the franchise and also James Gunn’s last film under Marvel Studios. But during his recent interview, he shared that he can still work with these actors in the future, “Probably at my other job.”

Although he did not mention anything clearly, it was tasked as a hint that the Peacemaker director could bring some of the Marvel stars to DC. And soon fans started sharing their disagreements on the subject.

One fan specifically asked Gunn not to bring the Guardians of the Galaxy stars to DCU with him. The fan also mentioned that the director needs to bring in “fresh actors” and asked not to “reuse” the actors he has already worked with.

Answering the fan, James Gunn said that the new DC will have “hundreds of roles to cast.” He then said that the most important thing is for the actor to fit “the role” and that “they’re easy to work with.”

He also said that this could include different types of actors including “brand new faces,” actors he has “worked with before,” and some actors he has “never worked with.” James Gunn is reportedly planning a reboot for DC and is expected to announce his new DCU plan soon.

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James Gunn Could Announce a Few DC Projects This Month

James Gunn and Peter Safran have been working on a new DC plan. Earlier in December, the Suicide Squad director shared that he would announce some of these DC projects in January 2023. Gunn also shared that he and Peter Safran have a “DC slate ready to go.

The Slither director shared that they will be sharing some exciting news “at the beginning of the new year.” Recently a fan once again asked Gunn if some of the plans are still “being announced this month,” to which the filmmaker simply replied with a “Yes.”

James Gunn with the cast of Suicide Squad (2021)
James Gunn with the cast of Suicide Squad (2021)

When fans said that the month is almost over, James Gunn said that it is “still January.” Considering his statements, the director could reveal his new DC plan next week as he claims to reveal it in January.

However, neither Warner Bros. nor DC Studios have announced any specific date or time for the release of the new plan. Fans are eagerly waiting for his plans and are continuously reminding Gunn that January is almost over.

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is set to release on May 5, 2023.

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