“Sony took an L on this one”: Dakota Johnson Will be Hiding in Shame after Madame Web’s Catastrophic 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

The box office hasn’t been kind to Madame Web in its second week of release.

“Sony took an L on this one”: Dakota Johnson Will be Hiding in Shame after Madame Web’s Catastrophic 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection


  • Madame Web’s second week in the theaters saw a sharp drop of 61% in box office collections.
  • This dismal figure made fans lose all hope for the film.
  • Many netizens believed that the movie took the cash grab route to success instead of focusing on the important aspects of the narrative.
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Madame Web’s woes are piling up faster than rocks in a landslide. The Sony-Marvel collaboration which released last week, had a dismal opening weekend at the box office while also being brutally panned by critics and audiences worldwide. Entering into its second week, the Dakota Johnson film has taken a further nosedive in box office collections.

Madame Web
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

Judging by the scathing backlash, it seems that there is no hope for Madame Web to stage a miraculous resurrection. Marvel fans who had highly anticipated that the film would give the franchise a much needed facelift, are now convinced that nothing can save this disastrous result.

Fans Give Up On Madame Web After A Shocking Second Week

Aside from the criticisms and trolling that Madame Web has received from fans across the world, the film has failed to make any impact at the box office in its opening weekend. Unlike many other films that find their feet in the second week, this Sydney Sweeney starrer went in the opposite direction by making just $6 million in week 2 which amounted to a colossal 61% drop in collections.

Madame Web
Madame Web had a huge drop in box office collections in the second week

Now it seems that there is no redemption in sight for Madame Web and even the most ardent fans of the franchise have lost hope. While some netizens expressed shock at this drastic statistic, others were critical of Sony’s attempt at making this film a cash grabbing venture. A few fans simply expressed sadness that Sony’s vision to explore the Spider-Man Universe is now suffering.



The failure of Madame Web is not just detrimental to the Marvel franchise, but also to Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney who had pinned their hopes on their first superhero outing becoming a blockbuster. It now remains to be seen if Marvel and Sony are able to put this debacle behind them and start afresh.

What Went Wrong With Madame Web?

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web is being trolled by audiences and critics around the world by staking its claim as one of Marvel and Sony’s worst ventures ever. Now, with a huge dip in box office collections during its second week, the film is well and truly in the doldrums. So what went wrong?

Madame Web
Madame Web is being rated by fans as one of the worst Marvel films

To being with, the main criticisms have been directed at the ordinary screenplay and dialogues that do not add to the appeal of the film. In addition, the performances from the two main leads Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney have been surprisingly picked on by most fans despite both stars being highly popular.

Many opinions also highlighted the fact that Madame Web did not delve deeper into the psyche of the characters and instead chose to take a superficial approach to their journeys in the film. To rub more salt into the wound, further research by a keen-eyed fan on X proved that the narrative has been heavily borrowed from the plotlines of DC, namely Birds of Prey.

Madame Web released in theaters on February 16th, 2024.


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