5 Things Only True Comic Book Fans Know About Spider-Man and MJ’s Relationship

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The mere mention of Marvel Universe can pop up any superhero in our mind. Considering each one’s popularity and powers, there’s no debate over who is more important. But when we turn to the romance chapter of Marvel, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have earned the top spot. Even though their relationship has navigated through the endless ups and downs over decades, they remain to be one of the most talked-about and significant couples in Marvel. The majority of the audience has seen a small part of their story in different mediums, but true comic book fans know what their history has in store. 


How Spidey Met MJ

Marvel made sure that readers took Mary Jane seriously. It was easy for us to separate her from Peter’s other love interests, as Mary Jane was teased a year before her entrance. It was Aunt May who tried to set the two up for months. Jane got her iconic introduction in Amazing Spider-Man #42, giving her classic line “Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot”. 

Gwen Stacy’s Death


There was a time when Peter and Mary were just friends, and she helped him get through Gwen Stacy’s death. During his grieving period, Peter was pushing everyone away, including Mary. But instead of walking out, she stuck around for him. This iconic moment highlighted the depth of their connection.

Opposites Attract

Unlike the movies, the comic books depicted MJ and Peter as complete opposites. While Peter was a shy science enthusiast, Mary Jane was a lively extrovert who enjoyed the spotlight. This was one of the recurrent reasons for their roller coaster journey.


Marriage Annulled

One of the most iconic points of Peter and MJ’s relationship and Spider-Man’s life was the dissolution of their marriage. To save Aunt May’s life, after she was attacked by the Kingpin in One More Day, the couple struck a deal with Mephisto. The devil saved Aunt May but in exchange erased Peter and Jane’s marriage from existence.

They Had a Family


The Spider-Verse has given us many interesting versions of both Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. The alternate universe of Renew of Your Vows saw Peter and MJ’s relationship bloom into a marriage. They even had a daughter named, Annie May Parker. The three ended up forming a friendly neighborhood superhero team, donning amazing costumes.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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