Spider-Man Becomes The Symbol of Fear in Latest Shocking Miles Morales Storyline After Highly Panned What If Comics


Everyone is scared by Miles Morales’ Spider-Man symbol in a future Brooklyn, influenced by an evil power. This character has been corrupted and directed toward the dark, his symbol has come to imply various things including fear and intimidation because of some very unfortunate reasons. Previously, he successfully won against his doppelgangers in a Clone Saga of his own. Different than Peter Parker’s popular Clone Saga in the 90s, he was forced to fight with three: leader Selim, psychic Mindspinner, and the most powerful Shift.

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Miles Morales' Spider-Man, Marvel comics
Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Marvel comics

Wandering towards a dark future timeline, Miles Morales and Shift were surprised to see Selim as the new empire of Brooklyn, known as the Empire of the Spider.

Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Symbol Has Become the Opposite of Superman’s

Dark storyline of Spider-Man #39
The dark storyline of Spider-Man #39

His symbol stands for the complete opposite of Superman’s own, as the image of this character has been corrupted and dark. In Miles Morales Spider-Man #39, he and Shift link up with the small resistance action that fights back against Selim and his corps. Ganke, now a much former resistance leader, confesses to him about his younger sister named Billie who is a fighter herself.


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She evolved around the intimidation of the Empire of the Spider and eventually learned to hate the symbol, along with others. This puts contrast on the symbol of Superman, which stands as a symbol of hope in the DC Universe. He has constantly been a hopeful character, and as compared to Peter Parker, he often makes more mature conclusions. But unfortunately, Selim has accomplished what no other version has ever achieved before, he dragged Spider-Man’s name through the mud and made citizens worry about even the possibility of his presence.


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Miles Morales becomes Thor, Marvel comics
Miles Morales becomes Thor, Marvel comics

Apart from all these, previously another Marvel controversial topic was making headlines in which this character becomes Thor and received a big backlash from fans on social media. His transformations into other heroes from across the Marvel Universe, In What If…Miles Morales Became Thor? #4 portrays the second Spider-Man in an all-new Asgard as he clashes with his duties as the successor to Odin as the realm’s new King.


Fans have widely humiliated the issue, noting that many of the creative choices are stupid and even insulting towards Black culture, and even the character himself as an Afro-Latinx character. In previous editions, he has already become Captain America, Wolverine, and The Incredible Hulk, and then he wields the hammer Mjolnir as Thor.

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Written by Shreeparna Das