Square Enix has Final Fantasy Remakes Currently in Development, but not the One We All Want According to a Reputable Industry Insider

But hey, a remake is a remake!

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  • Square Enix is developing a Final Fantasy IX remake, as confirmed by a trusted industry leaker.
  • The remake is in development, but there's no confirmed release timeline yet nor any info known about its progress.
  • Fans are divided, with some excited about the remake and others disappointed it isn't Final Fantasy X.
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After Square Enix recently reshuffled its organization and abandoned some projects in the pipeline, the company is going full speed ahead with those work-in-progress titles that made the cut.


According to a highly reliable leaker on X/Twitter, a Final Fantasy remake is currently in the works. While it’s unfortunately not the one that many were hoping to see, it’s still a great entry in the franchise.

Reputed Industry Leaker Confirms One Big Square Enix Project

Square Enix isn't working on a FFX game like previously rumored
Square Enix isn’t working on a FFX game like previously rumored

Over the past few months, Square Enix underwent major internal changes. While many staff were cut, Tomoya Asano and his team (responsible for Bravely Default, Octopath Traveler and more) seemed to be doing well; Asano was promoted to the role of executive officer within the company.


With that context in mind, Midori, everyone’s favorite Persona leaker (among other things), had some big news to share recently regarding some projects the company is working on.

Supposedly, Team Asano is currently working on an extended reality (XR) project for the company, with Oculus Quest being one of the target platforms. Whether it’s a brand-new IP or an addition to a pre-established franchise, is left uncertain.


That’s not the biggest news, however. When someone asked regarding the status of any remakes from the company, Midori confirmed that there is; sadly, it’s not FF10.

Which one is it then? To start, rumors were floating around regarding an FF9 remake from almost a year ago. There wasn’t any major news about it since then, and people were unsure if it was fake, still it the works, or canceled.


Fans of FF9 are about to be surprised, however, as Midori confirms that the remake is real, it’s just in development.

It was long since rumored that other Final Fantasy remakes were planned, but people were unsure of which entry in the franchise would be the lucky one; until now, that is.

Some People Don’t Seem That Excited

The timeline for FFIX's remake isn't known, but it's real
The timeline for FFIX‘s remake isn’t known, but it’s real

Of course, fans of the FFIX were more than happy to hear the news. The same doesn’t go for the hardcode FFX fans though. One fan only had a single word to say, albeit multiple times.


There were other fans that were actually happy to hear the news, however. Multiple people felt that the 10th entry didn’t need a remake at all, and at most, another remaster would suffice.


And then, there was one fan that was happy it didn’t get the remake treatment, but their perspective felt very different from the others. Rather, they were happy to see the title “spared” from the company’s hands.

It was projected that the new remake was scheduled for Summer 2024, but plans have changed, supposedly.


There’s no telling when the game could come out, or if it’s even in a state that’s ready for release. Until some more rumors come out, that’s all that’s known for now.

Are you excited about the new Final Fantasy remake? Were you hoping another entry got the remake treatment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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