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Squid Game Theory: Game Creators Were Going To Blow Up Gi-Hun’s Plane, Protecting Their Secret

As we prepare for Squid Game Season 2, several unanswered questions and plot-holes keep circling back into our heads. Netflix’s blockbuster series has given birth to many intriguing theories. But this Squid Game Theory from Reddit aims to fill in a vital plot hole that had left fans super confused up until now. If this Squid Game Theory is indeed true, there may be a much deeper conspiracy at play than what viewers thought was going on.

His Fate Was Sealed

This Squid Game Theory means everything that has happened till now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Squid Game Season 1 Ending – A Brief Explanation

Squid Game – Ending Explained

With Gi-hun having won the 45.6 Billion Won, viewers would be thinking he must be living the time of his life. But Gi-hun has not even spent a penny out of that money. He is too grief-stricken and traumatized to mend his ways and make his life better. Wandering from town to town as a homeless man, Gi-hun is in a worse state than he was before the Squid Games begun. After a year, he finally decides to make some changes. He dyes his hair red and decides to go to America to see his daughter. While on his way to board the plane, he realizes that the despicable Squid Games are still happening. Rather than boarding the plane, Gi-hun takes a step back, makes a call to the Squid game’s Front Man that he is going to fight back, and returns back. The flight leaves without Gi-hun.

Squid Game Theory – Gi-hun Was Destined To Die In A Plane Crash

Gi-hun Plane Crash Theory

This reddit theory states that the conclusion to reach this theory came after the final conversation between Gi-hun and the Front Man. When Gi-hun calls to let the Game authorities know he is coming for them, the Front Man says:

“Just get on that plane. It’s for your own good.”

Front Man – In-ho

How did the Front Man know where Gi-hun was when he made that call? This implies that the game creators were tracking Gi-hun all along. Even after a year of Gi-hun winning and leaving the entire Squid Game fiasco, the game creators still knew his whereabouts. The Squid Game theory holds true because Gi-hun, a man who defied the game creators by not spending any of the money and going against the norms, had become too much of a liability. Now that he had so much financial assets at his disposal, Gi-hun was a threat to the Squid Game and its creators.

Two Possible Explanations That Conclusively Prove This Squid Game Theory

Squid Game Season 1

The Squid Games were created as a means of creating a false sense of equality among the under-privileged and the down-trodden. The rich elite would see the lowlifes kill and main each other in the name of fun. But the game as a whole, would go to extreme lengths to ensure every participant has a fair chance. Winners of the Squid Games being assassinated by the very organization that made them who they are sends a very wrong message. That’s why they have a workaround – winners of Squid Games, rather than being killed, are roped in and promoted into the Squid Game organization by the game creators like In-ho aka the Front Man and the winner of the 2015 Squid Games was.

Gi-hun – The New Front Man In Season 2

There are theories that Gi-hun would become the new Front Man in Squid Game Season 2. But given the man’s convictions and ideals, Gi-hun would rather die than become a pawn to the Squid Games’ creators. The next  and only probable mode of action is to eliminate Gi-hun from the equation entirely. Every Squid Game winner that came before Gi-hun won the games via ruthlessness, violence, and brutality. Gi-hun won the games through teamwork and fortuity. Gi-hun poses a considerable threat to the game creators because he is a total paradox. Even the game creators cannot understand him fully and that terrifies them.

Gi-hun – A Dark Horse?

This Squid Game theory just might be true. Season 2 of Squid Game may give us the answer.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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