Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Discovery Spin-Off Casting Series Regulars

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Gene Roddenberry would be smiling from the heavens right now. His beloved Star Trek franchise is finally taking to the stars. Star Trek: Discovery has been a massive success. CBS has earned more viewership that they had originally hoped for. Now CBS wants the Star Trek franchise to expand. Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman have joined forces with Jenny Lumet to create a Star Trek: Discovery spin-off series. It will be custom-built for CBS All-Access, the network’s streaming platform. The Illuminerdi claim the series has already roped in prominent stars as series regular for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.


After a massive fan reaction to the original USS Enterprise crew appearing in Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, the network has given the go-ahead for another Star Trek spin-off. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be a Discovery Spin-Off as well as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series.


When Discovery first aired, many fans were outraged at the format of the show. Star Trek has always been episodic in nature. It had always had a villain of the day theme. Stretching one overall plot to the entire season was new for Star Trek. Discovery still hit it out of the park. It helped the star Trek franchise opt for shows like Picard, which also followed the same story pattern.

The first season of Lower Decks left much to be desired for. But it’s a start of a journey into the new era nonetheless. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is taking the opposite route than the one in which the franchise is currently heading. Strange New Worlds will be in episodic format. The era of exploration that was so prevalent in Star Trek a few years ago, with the Enterprise new worlds and cultures every episode, is what Strange New Worlds is rooting for.


The three Star Trek Discovery Season 2 actors that have already been chosen for the new show are – Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn. Anson Mount plays Captain Pike. Romijn portrays the role of Number One. Ethan Peck reprises the role of Spock from Season 2.

Apart from that, the other characters the network is trying to rope in actors for are:


Yeboah – An African-American rookie fresh out of the academy. She is in her early twenties, making her the youngest member of Enterprise. She is a linguistics genius and the brightest of the lot. her accent could be American or otherwise.

La’an – She is in her early thirties and is the head of security. The network wants the actor to be an East Indian, Asian, or Middle Eastern. La’an suffers from PTSD. She is a badass warrior who has had ample experience fighting in the battlefield.


Ortegas – A Latinx woman who is in her late twenties. She is an experienced vet. The character has maintained a dry sense of humor to help her cope with the amount of combat she has seen. She is funny and smart as heck. From the looks of it, the character looks pretty similar to Riker, who could crack a joke and a skull at the same time.

Biodun – He is the ship’s doctor. Biodun is within the Captain’s inner circle of trust. He is black, in his forties, and has an air of erudition around him. This character is the greatest puzzle of them all.

Miller – This character is clearly based on Dr. Crusher. She is the heart of the sick bay. In her late twenties to early thirties, Miller is Caucasian, and very open-minded and unorthodox.


Filming for Strange New Worlds is set to begin between February to July 2021.


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