Stellar Blade’s Raven Could Be More Important Than Eve in the Overall Lore of the Game, According to One All-Too-Sensible Theory

The lore of the game has more depth than people think.

raven and eve in stellar blade


  • Stellar Blade lore has more depth than players think, according to a recent post on Reddit.
  • This user said that Raven is another "angel" part of the EVE protocol before the protagonist of the game becomes the fearless warrior that she was meant to be.
  • According to this user's theory, Raven could have been part of the second EVE protocol that was sent to Earth.
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Stellar Blade’s success is almost undeniable; Shift Up Corporation’s game has made PlayStation players extremely happy since its launch. In a recent post on Reddit, some users have begun to talk about the lore and how a character in the game that appears in the beginning could be more important than players think. 


Raven, the first of these warriors that helps Eve survive the alien attack, could have been part of the previous EVE protocol and could have become a particularly significant “angel,” as some of these characters are being referred to.

This Game Has Deeper Lore Than Players Think

Stellar Blade lore is deeper than players think.
Stellar Blade lore is deeper than players think.

As one of the most successful games of the year for PlayStation, the action title Stellar Blade has made a great impact in the gaming community. With a pretty solid story, this new IP has astonishing action gameplay with amazing graphics and a very developed skill tree that could make Eve the most deadly warrior. Fans, however, are looking deeper into the lore after noticing details that are hard to see at first glance.


A recent Reddit post demonstrates how the sword of one of the EVE protocol warriors that you see in the first part of the game has specific information written on the weapon’s handle. This warrior is called Raven, and without her help, Eve couldn’t have survived at the beginning of the game.

“Spoilers” Blade Hilt Theory
byu/ShinIzanagi0 instellarblade

With this inscription on the sword, this user makes a point about the game’s lore and how this character is more important than fans think.


Stellar Blade Lore Has More Layers

A Reddit discussion said that there are more than meets the eye.
A Reddit discussion said that there are more than meets the eye.

The post goes deep on how the waves of the EVE protocol work; the protagonist of the game is part of the seven EVE protocols that send these warriors to protect Earth. This post also discusses how, in the dialogue, this was mentioned in a strange way, referring to previous EVE protocol warriors, but the overall idea of the discussion is to establish that, according to this user, Raven is from the second protocol.

In the discussion, the poster also referred to how every protocol has some kind of “angel,” and Raven could have been the “angel” of the second protocol, as some kind of more iconic representative of this war. Other users reply to this by adding other details, like more translations from other languages that describe how Eve and Raven in Japanese are very similar written names, indicating another lore clue.

Another fan theory circulated among users, positing that EVE’s membership in the seventh protocol carries a biblical and prophetic significance, as one of the game’s characters views EVE as the Earth’s logical salvation. Stellar Blade seems to possess a richer lore, and the game’s fans take great pleasure in creating new theories about these characters.


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