Stellar Blade’s Rumored Photo Mode Has Fans Wondering the Same Thing

SHIFT UP and Sony are in the dog house currently, with no signs of leaving.

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  • Stellar Blade's studio, SHIFT UP, is considering the addition of a Photo Mode in the future.
  • Fans are skeptical of its implementation, citing worries that the censorship issue will bleed into the feature.
  • People continue to protest Stellar Blade's alleged censorship, and Sony's reputation takes a big hit.
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Many Stellar Blade fans are still in a tumultuous fight with Sony, but the intensity hasn’t been nearly to the same degree as the Helldivers 2 incident. After complaints about the game’s studio, SHIFT UP, allegedly censoring one of Eve’s outfits right before the game’s release, a group of fans have been petitioning for the change to be reversed, blaming the censorship on Sony.


Now, with the announcement that Photo Mode will be coming to Stellar Blade, fans wonder if the censorship will affect this too.

A New Feature for Stellar Blade Is Under Consideration

Stellar Blade might introduce a Photo Mode, where you can pose and snap pictures of Eve
Stellar Blade might introduce a Photo Mode, where you can pose and snap pictures of Eve.

After the uproar over the past few weeks regarding the alleged censorship of some of Eve’s outfits, many of the fans involved continue to sign petitions and use hashtags to try and reverse the decision. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like Sony or SHIFT UP will budge on the issue anytime soon.


There is some good news for fans of Stellar Blade, however. According to South Korean news site GAMETOC, this summer, SHIFT UP will finally release the official OST for the game.

Its soundtrack contains beautiful compositions from the studio’s in-house staff as well as from outside. One of its most prominent collaborations is with MONACA, the music production studio owned by Keiichi Okabe, who has composed for Nier Automata and other successful titles.

Aside from that, one of the bigger pieces of information that caught people’s attention was the reveal that the development team was considering the addition of a Photo Mode to the game.


While this is usually a celebration for cause, especially considering how graphically impressive Stellar Blade is, fans felt like they couldn’t fully accept it yet after the censorship issue.

Fans Worry About Censorship in Photo Mode

There's no trust in Sony or SHIFT UP with the game's fans
There’s no trust in Sony or SHIFT UP with the game’s fans.

When news regarding a potential Photo Mode to be added to the game was released, initially, the reception was quite positive.


People were excited, as Eve has a ton of outfits she can pose in, and the game is visually stunning; it only makes sense that a game like this eventually gets one.

The wave of positivity didn’t last too long, however. Some fans took a dig at the studio and Sony, speculating that the censorship issue would affect Photo Mode too.


Other players skipped the concern over Photo Mode, directly calling out Sony for censoring Eve’s outfits without considering players. One user felt that, before Photo Mode, the alleged censorship should be reversed first.

Another user pondered whether the game would ever unpatch the “tone down outfits and the blood.


In response, a fan came with a solution that could appeal to both sides and make everyone happy, by adding options.

There’s no doubt by now that there’s still plenty of unrest about the censorship issue. Plus, with the recent problems surrounding Helldivers 2, Sony’s public opinion has taken a severe hit.


Do you think Sony should be worried about the censorship protests? Let us know in the comments below!


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