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Stephen Amell Has “Had His Fill of Playing Arrow” if it Means Doing 23 Episodes a Year

stephen amell green arrow

Arrow star Stephen Amell believes he is not yet done playing Oliver Queen. Although the Arrowverse is approaching the end of an era, the actor thinks his titular character still has a future in upcoming DC projects.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

The CW’s Arrow premiered on October 2012 which ran for eight seasons before the story of the bow-wielding hero concluded in 2020. Amell wears the suit again in his much-anticipated feature in The Flash Season 9 Episode 9: It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To, which the actor believes might not be his last appearance.

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Stephen Amell Wants To Return For A Limited Series

In an interview with TVLine, Stephen Amell confessed he had his fill portraying the Green Arrow and might no longer be able to do a full-length series:

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We had a good run on The CW in the Arrowverse, but the idea of 22 or 23 episodes a year… That’s a very specific way to make television, with act breaks and all those things. I had had my fill of playing Arrow in that particular medium.”

The actor revealed he had fun reprising the role, although he was only in it for a short time:

Going back and doing that was really, really exciting. But also, by the end of the second night, filming those fight scenes, I was like, ‘OK! That’s enough.’

The idea of “doing something on a limited basis, or doing a movie” particularly interests Amell. This means the actor is willing to give the character another shot so long as it won’t extend into a full-length series as he did over the years.

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is famously known as a former billionaire playboy who was presumed dead after he was stranded on a remote island in the Pacific. For five years, he tried to survive and ultimately made his way out of the cave and returned home to Starling City. This unique experience led him to develop not only his archery skills but also hand-to-hand combat techniques.


The 41-year-old star reflected on his fight scenes in Arrow, wishing they could have had more creative freedom in terms of choreography:

We had scenes in our series finale where I must have killed, like, 100 people, but we were never allowed to show any blood. A lot of this hand-to-hand stuff can pack so much more of a punch if we have a little more freedom in terms of what we can show.”

The CW’s Arrow proved a success for fans and critics, even earning its lead star a Teen Choice Award and IGN Award for his impeccable portrayal of the hooded vigilante.

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Stephen Amell Sports Original Green Arrow Look In The Flash

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen 3
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

Stephen Amell made special requests before agreeing to return to the screen for The Flash. In another interview with TVLine, the actor shared:

I told Eric that I wanted Oliver to say something of significance, something that moved the story. I was pretty specific about wanting to be in the [Green Arrow] suit, despite the fact that I have the powers of the Spectre.”

With his long absence from the Arrowverse, it is only fitting that Amell sports the original costume of Green Arrow. The beloved franchise ends with The Flash Season 9 finale following Nexstar Media Group’s acquisition of The CW.

Source: TVLine

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