The Batman’s Penguin Spin-Off Series: Everything We Know So Far


The Warner Bros. studio has some really big plans for live-action based on DC comics. Along with the much-awaited movies Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom a number of niche character-centric titles would be coming out. Peacemaker has got its own show and Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and Black Canary are to get their movies.

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The recent film, The Batman by Matt Reeves will be out in a few days out and the fans of the Dark Knight are excited. Though the movie has been a big topic of discussion, HBO Max’s spin-offs made around it are too becoming one. The upcoming spin-offs include one that will give the Gotham City Police Department a crime drama treatment. Also based on Deadline’s report Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin will be a part of the spin-offs. Here’s everything we know so far about the Penguin spin-off.


Release Date of the Penguin Spin-off

The Penguin spin-off
The Penguin Spin-off’s release date

Making his debut Detective Comics #58, Penguin is a comic book icon. He has been portrayed in many ways. We know that Colin Farrell will add his own twist to the character in the movie, even though he won’t be featured too heavily. Fortunately, the HBO Max spin-off will give Oswald Cobblepot more time to develop. But for now, we’ll have to assume about the character based on his ‘The Batman’ appearance. As the studio has not yet released any statement on exactly when the series will be released. But still, it is being said that the series will come out in the year 2023.

The cast of the Spin-Off

Colin Farell as Penguin spin-off
The cast of the spin-off

Much like the release date, the cast too is not yet confirmed by the studio. But there are some presumptions to the names who might be added to the cast of the Penguin series. It can be expected that we will see Colin Farell reprise the role in the spin-off as well. But this has not been confirmed by the studios. It is also unknown that we might see familiar faces from the Batman movie in the series.


All we know for now is that Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves are slated to be the producers along with Reeves’ 6th and Idaho, Dylan Clarks Productions, and Warner Bros. Television. So we can rest assured that the series is in good hands, and it will be cast with the best-suited actors.

Story Behind The Penguin Spin-Off

The Penguin spin-off
Story of the upcoming spin-off

Though we know little about the release date and cast of the spin-off, some information of the story behind it has come to light. According to Deadline, The Penguin will have a story along the lines of showing his rise from a deformed Gothamite to becoming the villainous Penguin. The character in the spin-off could be a prequel or the same version of the one we see in The Batman. Or it could be a mix of both and we go deeper in the story and character development.


We can also assume that the penguin spin-off will be connected with the Gotham City Police Department Spin-off. But we don’t know yet if the young Jim Gordon will notice the growing crime empire of Oswald or will be omitted from the story.

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