The Flash Movie Focusing On Barry’s Mom Risks Spiraling Into The ‘Spider-Man – Uncle Ben’ Problem

The latest trailer of the upcoming The Flash movie shows that the DCEU may be heading towards a grave error. While the movie did adorn itself with a lot of key but ambiguous story details, a major aspect of the trailer is what worries us. The Flash movie may end up being plagued by the same error that dogs literally every Spider-Man movie before Tom Holland. The problem that dogs the Spider-Man origin story is what is going to ruin The Flash movie if the DCEU is not careful enough.

The Flash Movie Unnecessarily Focuses On Barry’s Mom

The Flash

The trailer for The Flash movie shows that a key element of the story will be Barry’s mother. The movie will begin when Barry runs back in time to save his mom. Just like in Flashpoint, the Flash will use his powers to save his mother. In doing so, he is breaking the laws of nature and space-time. Barry Allen using his powers to travel back in time to save his mom is a rather important aspect in the Flash’ origin story. So was Uncle Ben’s death in Peter Parker’s transition into the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

The Problem Lies In Repetitive Usage Of The Same Plotline

Flashpoint – Done & Dusted

As fans of the superhero genre already know, Barry’s Flashpoint storyline has already been explored in detail. That was done albeit in non-DCEU media. The fans already know that Barry has committed some grave mistakes. Flashpoint is no longer a stranger to casual fans.

Uncle Ben

Similarly, Uncle Ben’s death has been explored many times from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man to Andrew Garfield‘s Spider-Man. In fact it was done so many times that the MCU just decided to let it go with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. To top it off, Uncle Ben’s death and the consequences have been also shown and explored. Cane in point – the many animated shows that have come before, during, and after the movies. The MCU’s Spider-Man movies garnered so much success while Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man movies didn’t was because the former did things differently than the Sam Raimi trilogy.

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The Flash Movie Needs To Look Past Basic Story Arcs To Spice Up Flashpoint

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Flashpoint is an event every DC fan religiously adores and worships. The CW show as well as the animated DCAU movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, have already shown us how Flashpoint, when you follow the source material looks like. The Flash movie could do better by going a bit astray. Rather than focusing on childhood trauma, maybe saving a friend or a romantic interest’s death would make for a better cause and a fresher take.

Spider-Man Movies

The reason The Amazing Spider-Man movies do not hold good is because they follow Spider-Man’s origin story too close to the Sam Raimi movies. And DC has had trouble trying to change the origin stories of their flagship heroes. That is something Marvel has had no trouble doing over the years. Batman’s rise to darkness after the death of his parent. Superman coming to earth as the final survivor of his race. These are all tried and tested stories we have seen over and over again.

For a change, The Flash movie could do things a bit differently. Otherwise it would end up being a box office bomb.

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