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The Hobbit Trilogy: Why It’s Worthy & Deserves More Respect

The Hobbit Trilogy is avoided like the plague by LOTR fans. Many of them hate The Hobbit trilogy and want it erased out of existence. Here’s why we believe the Hobbit movies deserve more love.


Martin Freeman As Bilbo Baggins

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The single greatest, most welcome act that came with The Hobbit trilogy was casting Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Starting off as a control freak with an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness and being organized, Bilbo blossoms as a character by the end of the Hobbit trilogy. He is no longer the feeble and weak individual he was. Martin Freeman’s character goes through a tremendously powerful development arc that cannot be ignored. Freeman also brings a sense of humor and delight to being a Sprite. That was something actors who played Hobbits in the LOTR movies sorely lacked.

The Magical Melodies of Howard Shore

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Howard Shore

Howard Shore is a celebrated music composer talked about in the greatest of Hollywood circles with utmost respect. And he lends his skills to composing the scores in The Hobbit trilogy. Shore’s scores are so distinct they help define the characters. Whether the music theme is of the Shire, Ringwraiths or Rohan, each one is intriguing to listen to. Even the Dwarven theme song sounds good. Shore is closely connected to both The Lord of the Rings movies and the Hobbit trilogy. And that’s why he is on this list.

It Tried To Be It’s Own Thing

Getting Out Of LOTR’s Shadow

The Hobbit trilogy is a prequel series to Lord of the Rings. And every turn of the way, it tried its best to steer clear of LOTR. Because the Hobbit movies were made for a new generation of fans. Not all of them were aware of the Tolkien-Verse and the legendary Peter Jackson films. True there are so many characters from the original LOTR trilogy in The Hobbit trilogy. But each one is re-introduced in the movies so that even newbies could get a grip.

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The Hobbit Trilogy Gets A Lot More Visually Appealing With Each Sequel

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The Battle Of The Five Armies

Fans did berate the Hobbit movies for being too reliant on CGI. Peter Jackson’s LOTR films used as much practical special effects as possible. That was not because he wanted to. His movies were limited by the scope of CGI technology at the time. If he had the option, he would have gone for CGI in a heart beat. The Hobbit trilogy had an advantage and this may be an unpopular opinion but the CGI does indeed get better. If you don’t agree, then you are probably a bitter old fan who just can’t let go of his rigid stance even when presented with hard logic.

Like LOTR, The Hobbit Trilogy Was Full Of Heartfelt Scenes

What Is Home?

There are many scenes in the Hobbit movies that evoke a deluge of emotions. One such scene was when Bilbo gets separated from the other Dwarves with the One Ring. He uses it to become invisible, leading to his iconic encounter with Gollum. Thorin claims that Bilbo has deserted the Dwarven band but Bilbo returns, proving him wrong. Then he gives a speech about home and how important it is to have one. The Hobbit films are full of such emotional, heart-wrenching scenes.

In The End, It Is Still The Tolkien-Verse

Middle Earth

Love the movies or hate them, one thing you cannot disagree to is that it was great to see Tolkien’s tales on the big screens again. In the end, we all felt satisfied and nostalgic to see Middle earth in the theaters. Sure for some, the Hobbit trilogy is nothing but a disaster. But Tolkien fans still flocked to the theaters to watch all the three Hobbit films. As a result, the magic of Tolkien could be brought back into action. The Hobbit trilogy should be respected for even trying to bring it back to the cinemas.


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