The Perfect Jonathan Majors Kang Replacement Has Already Been in MCU Since 3 Years

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might already have a solution to its villain problem, with Majors officially out of the franchise.

The Perfect Jonathan Majors Kang Replacement Has Already Been in MCU Since 3 Years


  • With Jonathan Majors' exit from the MCU, marvel might already have a replacement for the character in the MCU.
  • Infinity Ultron, introduced in What If, could be the bug bad that the Avengers face off against
  • Failing that, the MCU could also employ Strange Supreme, which will be more narratively sound for the MCU, as the main antagonist of the Multiverse Saga
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Jonathan Majors’s exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left a void in the franchise that has got a lot of people questioning what the next step will be for the studio. There is a vocal section of the fandom that wants the entire Kang business scrapped, given that the MCU failed to generate enough hype around the storyline or the character.

Jonathan Majors as Kang, the former MCU big bad
Jonathan Majors as Kang

While rumours have been running amuck concerning who might replace Majors as Kang, Marvel not only has the opportunity to rid itself of Kang the Conqueror but also might have a replacement already in place, who can take up the mantle of the multiversal threat against the Avengers and their allies in Secret Wars.

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Infinity Ultron could be the solution the MCU is looking for

Infinity Ultron
Infinity Ultron

Introduced in 2020’s What If…? Season 1, Infinity Ultron was one of the most powerful villains that the the heroes of the Multiverse had ever faced. In its version of reality, Ultron had successfully uploaded himself in his new body, and slain Thanos when he came knocking to get the Mind Stone off of Earth. This character was not killed off but rather trapped in a conflict with a version of Eric Killmonger. As of the end of What If…? Season 2, the character is still at large and could be the character that Marvel employs to solve its Kang problem.

Infinity Ultron is quite a multiversal threat, and could also initiate the creation of Battleworld, in place of Jonathan Majors‘ Kang. The problem starts with the introduction of the character. While he has already made an appearance in the MCU via What If…?, Marvel will have to introduce and tease the character as a part of its main narrative going forward, which could bring about a change in how the story is being told. The idea would refocus the Marvel Universe towards the Infinity Stones and bring back a villain that had a lot of potential.

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There is another character the MCU can bank on: Strange Supreme

Evil Doctor Strange, also known as Strange Supreme.
Evil Doctor Strange, also known as Strange Supreme.

Given that most of the Infinity Saga organised itself around Tony Stark, it might not be the best narrative choice to go back to that setting and sully the legacy left behind by Iron Man. However, the more recent stories in the MCU have been focused on the fallout of Doctor Strange’s choices, including the fractures in the multiverse, his inability to control and pacify Wanda and his inevitable descent into the Dark Dimension.

While the Strange we know might not be the villain we are looking for, Strange Supreme can find a way back into the Multiverse and be the villain that the Avengers and their allies face off against. Not only will this bring Strange face to face with his worst fears, but it will also set up quite the arc for the heroes altogether, going against someone who put his conflicts above the safety of the world, which is something most heroes in the current phase have struggled with in one form or the to other.

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Whether it be Spider-Man’s choice to make everyone forget who Peter Parker is, or  Shang Chi’s choice to rebel against his father, this theme fits in cosily with the problems that have plagued the heroes in the MCU, and could serve as an excellent narrative for close out the Multiverse Saga.


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