“The vitriol is worse than I anticipated”: Deadpool 3 Star Emma Corrin Doesn’t Understand Why Fans Hate Them So Much For Being Themselves

The Crown alum and Deadpool 3 star Emma Corrin, faces hateful comments for being true to themselves.

Emma Corrin Deadpool 3


  • The Crown alum Emma Corrin opened up about facing unimaginable hatred since came out as nonbinary in 2022.
  • Set to appear in Deadpool 3, Corrin admitted the backlash and controversies that their nonbinary identity has sparked.
  • Despite being in a progressive society, as people slammed Corrin’s identity, the actor mentioned being in utter disbelief.
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Emma Corrin, the talented actor known for their roles in The Crown and the upcoming Deadpool 3, has become one of the most visible nonbinary celebrities in Hollywood. However, coming out of the closet wasn’t as simple as people might have expected, for Corrin.

Emma Corrin The Crown
Emma Corrin in a still from The Crown | Sony Pictures Television Production UK

Speaking out loud about the atrocities and challenges they faced since coming out in 2022, Emma Corrin expressed their shock and disappointment. Speaking out about the hateful comments they’ve received for simply being themselves, Corrin mentioned how people often confuse the actor for being the person they see on screen.

Emma Corrin Faced Hatred for Being Non-Binary

Coming out of the closet in 2022 as one of the most visible nonbinary celebrities in the world, Emma Corrin mentioned facing challenges for being themselves. Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, The Crown alum who is set to make their MCU debut in Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine as the villain Cassandra Nova, revealed the harsh reality of being a nonbinary public figure.


Despite the growing acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community, Emma Corrin admitted being subject to hurtful and toxic comments from some fans. Although the actor’s journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance has been an inspiration to many, it seems that not everyone is pleased with their decision to embrace their true identity.

Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer
Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer | Marvel Studios

The vitriol is worse than I anticipated. Even though we like to think we’re in a progressive society, a lot of what we’re seeing is increasingly a step back.

The actor’s experience highlights the unfortunate reality of many individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. It seems, despite the progress made in recent years, there’s still a long way to go in terms of accepting and destroying the stigma. However, when it comes to Emma Corrin, the actor seems unapologetic about their identity, despite backlash.

Emma Corrin is in Disbelief Over the Hateful Comments

Discussing how people often confuse them for the character they play onscreen, Emma Corrin noted that netizens seemingly slam them after following them on social media. Thereafter, the actor expressed their shock and disappointment at the negative responses they faced despite being a part of the progressive society.


People follow me because they’ve watched something I’m in. They think I’m one kind of person, and then they’ll see who I actually am and how I present.

Nonetheless, instead of going into detail about the negativity they’ve faced for coming out as non-binary, Emma Corrin mentioned how shocked they are about the fact that their nonbinary identity has sparked controversies. Ahead of appearing as Cassandra Nova in MCU, Corrin confessed they would never understand why they have been particularly subject to hatred.

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in The Crown | Sony Pictures Television Production UK

I will never understand why. Who are you hurting by being yourself? Why am I controversial? I think it’s fear. Absolute fear.

Although the actor noted being in disbelief and unaware of why they face the hatred, Emma Corrin offered a thoughtful response. While embracing their nonbinary identity, the actor claimed to believe that the backlash comes from the ones who seem to feel threatened by their authenticity. Implying that the hate might have resulted from the aspect of fear, Corrin concluded their discussion on the topic.


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