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“They are not fit for leadership”: After Ben Affleck Reveals Joss Whedon’s Excruciating Working Conditions, Ray Fisher Takes Dig at James Gunn for Enabling Protecting Marvel Director

“They are not fit for leadership”: After Ben Affleck Reveals Joss Whedon’s Excruciating Working Conditions, Ray Fisher Takes Dig at James Gunn for Enabling Protecting Marvel Director

Ray Fisher’s animosity toward Joss Whedon is clear as day. The DCEU star never concealed his reservations with regard to the filmmaker’s questionable actions and always made it a point to voice his true feelings about the same.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher

But the old wound of what happened years ago on the set of Justice League seems to have bled open once again as Fisher takes a dig at Whedon along with DC Studio’s current execs for backing the former despite his problematic behavior. With Ben Affleck digging out old skeletons from DC’s closet, the 35-year-old DC star too has seized the opportunity to generously bash the ghosts from his past.

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Ray Fisher Takes A Shot At DC Executives for “Supporting” Joss Whedon 

Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck’s recent interview with THR seems to have unearthed old controversies surrounding director and comic book writer Joss Whedon who took over 2017’s Justice League in Zack Snyder’s absence only to steer the film down the drain of tragedy.

Looking back on the plethora of things that went wrong with Justice League “from production to bad decisions,” Affleck called it to be his “worst experience” in the entirety of his career. Enter Ray Fisher, an adamant Whedon hater and someone who has time and again raised his voice against the latter’s abhorrent misdemeanor.

Ray Fisher FandomWire
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

After the Gone Girl star hashed out the gory details about what really went down on the set of Justice League, Fisher took to Twitter to berate both the “former and current” DC executives for keeping Whedon’s abuse and misconduct under wraps when so many others besides him have spoken up about the same.

This isn’t the only time the Justice League star has taken a shot at DC for painting Whedon’s inappropriate and abusive behavior with a pretty picture of silence and denial. And neither is this the first time that Fisher has openly castigated the Marvel director for his blatant unprofessionalism.

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How Joss Whedon Went From Being A Hailed Director to the Epitome of Disaster

Fisher wasn’t the only actor that Whedon, 58, clashed with on the set of Justice League. From Aquaman star Jason Momoa and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot to Ben Affleck and apparently even Jeremy Irons, all of them talked about the “toxic” work environment that the Buffy director used to create on set paired with his incessant verbal abuse.

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Justice League
Numerous Justice League stars spoke up against Joss Whedon

Though Fisher wasn’t the only star to take a stand against Whedon, he was certainly the first to strike The Nevers creator with accusations of being “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” on the film’s set. He even claimed that much of Whedon’s behavior constituted of racism toward him but that was only ever denied by the latter. The Avengers director simply labeled The Snyder Cut star as a “bad actor,” leaving no room for debate and shutting all the allegations down entirely.

But it certainly didn’t end there because it wasn’t just actors or former co-workers that threw allegations of misconduct at Whedon, even his ex-wife accused him of the same and more.

Clearly, he’s no saint.

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