“They better not be pulling an MK1”: Tekken 8 Shop Announced and Fans Are Worried

Fans hope "Tekken Shop" won't cost them an arm and a leg.

"They better not be pulling an MK1": Tekken 8 Shop Announced and Fans Are Worried


  • A majority of AAA games today have enabled microtransactions for in-game purchases.
  • Mortal Kombat 1 labeled a fatality for $10 for which the fans were extremely disappointed.
  • Tekken 8 will probably enabling microtransactions according to the latest in-game message players received.
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Tekken 8 has already sold a couple of million copies globally, surpassing the sales expectations of Bandai Namco. Interestingly the numbers came out to be a savior, to some extent, given the underperformance of their MMO game Blue Protocol. The numbers generated by the popular fighting game hopefully did set off the potential losses. Now as the game is probably adding microtransactions, it remains to be seen how the new feature will perform.


Nonetheless, fans are clinging to the hope that the game won’t be putting hefty price labels so they can afford and enjoy it without going on the edge. The franchise has, to this date, sold 55 Million copies globally with Tekken 7 passing with flying colors, having sold over 10 Million copies. Bandai Namco would want to continue with this success with the latest game in the franchise which is possible when fans aren’t upset with their endeavors.

The New Tekken Shop Must Not ‘Compete’ With MK1 or Street Fighter 6

MK1 and Street Fighter 6 saw a backfire from their communities over in-game monetization.
MK1 and Street Fighter 6 saw a backfire from their communities over in-game monetization.

Upon logging into the game, players came across an in-game message briefing them with “Update Contents” that came with information about implementing a “TEKKEN SHOP” in the game. Fans are hoping the company will not overly monetize the upcoming content like NetherRealm Studio’s Mortal Kombat 1.


One Reddit user dubbed Jiggsteruno called the MK1 shop “predatory” as he advanced with explaining the in-game charges for content. They actually put a fatality on sale for 1,200 Krystals, the in-game currency, which costs nearly $10 in fiat money. The ‘premium’ fatality prompted the community to push back.

Similarly, Street Fighter 6 came under fire for the same reason. The Capcom game was selling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ skins for $15 per character. Given Leo, Don, Mike, and Raph skins were available that would make it $60. It is unlikely the players would leave the other three brothers behind.

Players Just Want Some Interesting Content at a Reasonable Rate

Players are asking for some classic Tekken outfits.
Players are asking for some classic Tekken outfits.

Users on Social Media platform X (formerly Twitter) are not exactly opposing the company’s move. They hope to see some pretty skins that don’t cost them a fortune. Pinkcherry43 wrote,I gladly pay for extra costume options, but pls don’t make it cost an arm and a leg.” Another user dubbed Isumairu is counting on the game to bring some classic outfits of characters like King and Nina.


Hi! Buff Gigas Please? wrote, “Tekken Shop? I mean, I don’t mind paying for a classic costumes but please have a reasonable price.” Players are likely to get more details on the game’s new feature on 20 February 2024 during the next “TEKKEN Talk” which the game announced recently.

Microtransactions are becoming a part of AAA games be it Call of Duty or Minecraft. Nonetheless, they are only appealing to players as long as they don’t require users to bring a pot from the end of a rainbow to add to their in-game inventory.

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