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Thor 4: Zeus Thunderbolt Has Secret Mjolnir Connection

Thor 4 Zeus Thunderbolt Has Secret Mjolnir Connection

Marvel Studios dropped a Thor 4 teaser last night. And the entire internet lit up. The Thor: Love & Thunder trailer was not even two minutes long but it packed so much in it that fans are still dissecting it as speak. One of the highlights of the trailer was the revelation of a whole new Pantheon within the MCU. The Thor 4 trailer gives us the first ever look at Zeus and the Greek Gods of Olympus.

Thor 4 - Mjolnir vs. Zeus Thunderbolt
Mjolnir vs. Zeus Thunderbolt

But it does more than that. The teaser shows us Russell Crowe’s Zeus as he addresses a crowd in the hall of Olympus. And right when the screen transitions to another frame, we see Crowe’s hands reach out and grab his trusted thunderbolt. A new theory suggests Zeus and his thunderbolt have a secret connection to Thor’s Mjolnir.

The Greek Gods In Thor 4, EXPLAINED

Thor 4 Greek Gods
Thor 4 Greek Gods

The Olympian Pantheon of Greek Gods are very similar to that of their Asgardian counterparts hailing from Norse mythology. Odin is the Asgardian All-Father while Zeus is the guiding force of the Greek Gods. Like the Asgardians, the Olympians are also blessed with superhuman physical attributes. They have access to superior technology and magic that far suprasses all human understanding.

Greek Gods - Marvel Comics
Greek Gods – Marvel Comics

The primary Greek Gods in Marvel comics are Zeus, Hercules, Apollo, Ares, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Discord, Dionysus, Hera, Hermes, and Aphrodite. Unlike the Asgardians, the Olympians are true immortals. After they reach a certain age, they stop aging and drink a special potion called Olympian Ambrosia to forever remain in the pink of health.

Why Zeus’ Thunderbolt Has A Mjolnir Connection

Russell Crowe- Zeus
Russell Crowe- Zeus

The hammer known as Mjolnir was created by the Asgardian dwarf-smiths in the heart of a dying star. Forged out of Uru, the mythical Asgardian metal, it was near unbreakable and the hammer itself was enchanted. It augmented the powers of its user and allowed them to fly and do impossible feats. Odin enchanted the hammer with a spell which forbade anyone ‘unworthy’ of even lifting it. Only a true hero can lift the hammer, one who was willing to do what it takes to save the day and walks a path of righteousness.

Adamantine vs Uru
Adamantine vs Uru

The Olympians have no access to Uru. But they do have their own mythical metal in their possession. Adamantine is better known in mythology as “Metal of the Gods”. It has several mystical features like deflecting magic based and telepathic attacks. Adamantine can also absorb massive amounts of energy into itself, leaving its wealder unscathed. To top it off, Adamantine’s magical features make it suitable to house enchantments like Odin did with Mjolnir.

Theory: Zeus’ Thunderbolt Inspired Odin To Create Mjolnir

Zeus Thunderbolt - Thor 4
Zeus Thunderbolt – Thor 4

In the Thor 4 Trailer, we see Russell Crowe’s Zeus reach out for his thunderbolt that could be seen prancing around in the hall. It was almost as if Zeus was calling for it to come back. Thor’s hammer also responds to its user. No matter where it is, when the wielder calls it come back, the weapon returns to their hands. This similarity in how both weapons work does make us ask another question – did Zeus and Odin ever come into contact with each other before the events of the MCU? This would explain why both the weapons have such similar features. Maybe Odin saw how Zeus’ Thunderbolt works and instructed his own weaponsmiths to make a weapon just as mighty as the Sky Father’s Thunderbolt.

Does Zeus Thunderbolt Have Any Other Powers?

Zeus Takes Down The Hulk
Zeus Takes Down The Hulk

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the God of the Skies and Thunderbolts. His iconic weapon could be seen in the Thor 4 trailer. But there is a high chance that the Adamantine Thunderbolt could do much more than just cruise in the skies like  Tomahawk. Maybe Zeus could also use it to manipulate the weather, a feat Thor had already achieved in the first Thor movie back in 2011.

Only time will tell if there’s a secret connection between the two weapons.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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