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Top Superbowl 2022 Commercials That Bowled Us Over

Top Superbowl 2022 Commercials That Bowled Us Over

Super Bowl is something that brings America together. There are a number of things about the Super Bowl that everyone can enjoy like the Big game for sports lovers, the treats for foodies, the halftime show for pop culture fans, and the commercial for all. The commercials are slowly disappearing from our screens. But during the Super Bowl season, they once again come back and become the talk of the town. Check out this list of the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials that bowled us over. 


Oikos Super Bowl Commercial
Deion Sanders in the Oikos Commercial

Oikos commercial definitely tops the list with the humorous concept of the father and son rivalry it used to show two different types of Oikos. The dad eats a type of Oikos and the son eats the other and the two test out their strength by doing different tasks. Trying to overpower each other. It is fun to watch, with Deion Sanders as the dad.

Bud Light Seltzer

Bud Light Seltzer Commercial
Guy Fieri in Bud Light Seltzer Commercial

The Bud Light Seltzer commercial comes this time to take us to the “Land of Loud Flavors”, where the mayor, Guy Fieri, is looking for the loudest flavor out there. Two of his people bring him a bucket of Bud Light Seltzer, he tries it out and approves them to be the loudest flavor out there. 


BMW Super Bowl Commercial
The BMW Super Bowl Commercial

BMW has launched a teaser commercial with Zeus, the Greek God himself. In the commercial, we see a cafe staff struggling to pronounce Zeus when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zeus, walks in and takes the coffee. BMW is giving out some hints with the God of Lightning himself.

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Super Bowl Commercial
The Punch Bowl commercial by Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan’s commercial has raised the bars as the brand launches a new punch bowl. That just isn’t an amazing ad but also interacts with the game. The punch bowl is real, and one can win it. It’s so crazy but we all would love to own one of those. 


Rakuten Super Bowl Commercial
Hannah Waddingham Rakuten Super Bowl Commercial

Rakuten is also joining the race with its first Super Bowl commercial. The teaser has come out for now and it is so good that it has got everyone excited for the full video. And to add to the excitement, it features Hannah Waddingham. 

Uber Eats

Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial
Uber Eats Super Bowl Teaser Commercial

It is becoming a super exciting season with the teasers of commercials that keep coming in. And Uber Eats too has joined the league with ads featuring Gwenyth Paltrow, Trevor Noah, and Jennifer Coolidge. With a strange theme that if it is delivered by Uber Eats doesn’t mean you should eat it. 


Lay's Super Bowl Commercial
Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd in Lay’s Super Bowl Commercial

Lay’s is back at the Super Bowl after 17 years, with a hilarious commercial featuring our all-time favorite Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. The ad is wittingly funny with the actors enjoying Lay’s before Seth’s wedding and reminiscing the old days and in each memory, Lay’s Chips were there.

Written by Gargi Mishra

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