TV Shows That Had Ambiguous Endings Like The Sopranos

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It is really hard for one to give a proper ending to the TV shows. As they usually develop through seasons and have a number of subplots. So, it isn’t easy to bring them all to a proper conclusion. Sometimes, if the makers fail to do so the fans are ruthless and bash the show. So the makers tend to pa safe and try to give a proper end instead of getting creative with it. But then, there are shows like The Sopranos that gave us ambiguous endings. The fans still loved it. Also, they were regarded highly by the critics as well. Here is a list of other TV shows with ambiguous endings like The Sopranos.


Fargo had an ambiguous ending

Fargo TV shows ended ambiguously

One of the best-rated TV shows, Fargo is a black comedy crime drama. Every season of Fargo had a different story with different characters and that is what makes it stand out from the rest. The show had developed its own way of ending each story. At the end of every season, based on its artistic style, the show would end with a message and an open-ended note. And the best thing about the show is that the ambiguous endings only add to the quality of the show. Even the lowest-rated season was better than most TV shows.

Sherlock came to an ambiguous end

Sherlock is a TV show that ended ambiguously

The BBC-produced Sherlock series is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. It is regarded as one of the best adaptations of the stories and is regarded as one of the best TV shows as well. However, the latter half of the show was not as great as the first two seasons. But still, the fans of the show love it greatly and if one watches it you won’t be able to stop before it ends. The sad part is the end of the show is very ambiguous and there is no news for season 5. So, Sherlock is one of the best shows that came to a very unsatisfactory end.


Squid Games ended ambiguously

Squid Games TV shows that ambiguously
Squid Games

The Korean show, Squid Games became one of the most popular series on Netflix. It is only a surprise that a Korean drama could gain the number of fans it did. Squid Games is a brutal TV show based on the evils of classism. Also, highlights the torments of rich people done on the poor and indebted people. It is not for the ones with a weak heart and has shown the realities in the harshest possible ways. Includes some brutal killings and in the end, it was clear that they were not done with the evil organization. But Korean shows do not usually have more than one season, so that is how the show ended, till the makers announce a new season.

Seinfeld ended on a strange note

Seinfeld TV shows that have an ambiguous end

One of the most popular and greatest sitcoms of its time, Seinfield came to an ambiguous end. It had one of the best writings and became a cultural phenomenon. Even today, Seinfield remains one of the most memorable shows for its fans. And its jokes are still talked about. However, the final episode of the show revealed the heinous acts of the main characters, and they were taken to jail. Though this could’ve started a dark chapter in the show, the makers left the fate of the characters undecided after that.

Game of Thrones did not end that well

Game of Thrones TV shows with ambiguous end
Game of Thrones

A fantasy TV show that started great but did not live up to the charm it had at the start. By the final season, it became almost a task to watch the show. The show lost its original reputation by the time it came to an end. And the only glory it has now is all because of its early seasons. Most fantasy series like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are considered great because they remained consistent throughout. But Game of Thrones lost its place because the show got lost in its own world and came to an end that was never expected.


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