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What If: 10 Comic Book Characters Other Than Doctor Strange Supreme Who Can Beat Infinity Ultron

Marvel’s What If introduced the super-powerful Infinity Ultron in its latest episode. Here are a few comic book characters Infinity Ultron can never defeat if he goes on a multiversal rampage.

Molecule Man Is A Dark Horse

Owen Reece – Molecule Man

Molecule Man aka Owen Reece is a frequently underestimated supervillain. The fact is that Reece holds unimaginable power. The Beyonders caused an accident that gave Reece the powers of molecular manipulation. He is a singularity and is powered by the same energy that powers the Cosmic Cubes.

Doctor Manhattan Would Find It Easy To Take Down Infinity Ultron

Doctor Manhattan

He lives as a God in the Watchmen universe. The world of Watchmen has way too many superheroes but hardly any superpowers. They are just your regular masked vigilantes with peak physical and mental attributes. Doctor Manhattan’s powers far exceed that of the Infinity Stones. He only may will it and Infinity Ultron would be toast.

The Thought Robot Is On A Whole New Level Of Power

Thought Robot

The entity known as the Thought Robot was created to defeat Mandrakk the Dark Monitor. The Thought Robot knows it is just a comic book character, just like Deadpool. The rules of the universe do not apply to him and he can change them at will because he is just THAT powerful.

Max Faraday Is The Embodiment Of Godhood

Max Faraday – Wildstorm Universe

Infinity Ultron may think he is a God but he has never met Max Faraday of the Wildstorm Universe. Had he, Infinity Ultron’s definitions of Godhood would change. Max Faraday holds in his body, the Creation Equation. And it gives him control over all time, space, and reality. He is a literal God.

The Plutonian Is Superman After Joker’s Colloquial “One Bad Day”


In the Irredeemable Universe, there exists a hero with all the powers of Superman but he is ten times as brutal. The Plutonian is beyond redemption. He will not hold back in a fight and would do anything to get the job done. He has all the powers of Superman and much more.

Dream Is The God Of Dreams & Stories

Dream of the Endless

He is one of seven beings who are said to be older than the Gods themselves. Dream Of The Endless is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. His dominion over all dreams and stories makes him a class apart from Infinity Ultron.

Man Of Miracles Holds Power Not Even Infinity Ultron Could Fathom

Man Of Miracles

In the Spawn universe, Man of Miracles is a genderless entity who created both Heaven and Hell. The entity exists in another place of existence. And it holds immeasurable power beyond the scope of the Infinity Stones.

Mister Mxyzptlk Has Nothing To Fear From Infinity Ultron

Mister Mxyzptlk

The being known as Mister Mxyzptlk has been a frequent Superman menace. And he does it because he feels like it. The Fifth Dimensional Imp uses Fifth Dimensional technology to alter reality as he wishes. Infinity Ultron won’t stand a chance because the Infinity Stones won’t work in the Fifth Dimension.

The Ogdru Jahad Would Wipe Out Infinity Ultron

Ogdru Jahad

There’s a very good reason why Hellboy has worked all his life to keep the Ogdru Jahad from escaping. If they do, it is game over for everyone including Infinity Ultron.

Divinity Would Make Anyone Kneel to His Power

Divinity – Valiant Universe

The former Russian cosmonaut went to space 30 years ago. However he returned with an unimaginable level of power. His powers would make even fighting Doctor Manhattan look like a cakewalk.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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