What is Genshin Impact’s Fortress of Meropide – the Prison that the Duke Wriothesley Runs?

What is Genshin Impact’s Fortress of Meropide – the Prison that the Duke Wriothesley Runs
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Genshin Impact has often given players some of the most unique places to explore. Whether it is the electrifying islands of Inazuma or the depths of Liyue’s Chasm, there is no place that fails to wow its audience. As mesmerizing as the scenery may be, the music has just as much of a part to play in order to make the locations stand out in their own manner.


One of the reasons as to why the game has been so successful is the case that has gone into the making of each nation and the sub-regions that come with it. One such location happens to be the Fortress of Meropide. Although the place had been mentioned in Version 4.0 itself, it is only in Version 4.1 that players can begin exploring the place.

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Is Genshin Impact’s Fortress of Meropide Just a Prison?

Version 4.1 of Genshin Impact shows both Neuvillette, the Iudex of Fontaine, as well as Duke Wriothesley commenting on how the Fortress of Meropide isn’t just some ordinary prison. So much so that after the Oratrice Mécanique d’Analyse Cardinale announces a verdict, there is no relation of the Fortress to that of the surface or the Court of Fontaine.

Fortress of Meropide

“The Fortress of Meropide may seem like a prison but should in fact be regarded as a gathering place for exiles.”

As the Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide, Wriothesley basically runs the place. He has his own office as the center of it and has administered rules and regulations separate from the entirety of Fontaine. Although it started out as a prison, as per Neuvillette in the 4.1 trailer, the place very quickly became the gathering ground for exiles. After his trial, even Childe was sent to the place. Upon entering the Fortress of Meropide, it is very quickly revealed that it is far from an ordinary place that holds prisoners, so much so that people prefer to stay down and go back to the overworld of Fontaine.

It has its own currency, set of rules, laws, and whatnot. It is completely separate, although far less lavish than Furina’s land above water. Not only that but there is a secret that the Fortress has been hiding.


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What are Wriothesley’s Plans with the Fortress of Meropide?

Wriothesley, even in the Version 4.1 trailer, was said to have a plan even the Fatui could not figure out. However, as the players progressed into the Archon Quest, it was revealed just what he had been doing under the depths of the waters of Fontaine. As per the prophecy, the nation of Justice is to drown with the Archon alone standing above it all. Wriothesley came to discover that the Fortress of Meropide was not just a place to hold prisoners but a lot more.

Wriothesley Genshin Impact

It was what kept the water from the Primordial Sea from flooding the lands of Fontaine. The Duke even explained how he had an entire factory’s worth of equipment and labor at his disposal, so he wanted to make full use of it. With that, he was building a ship, one that would help the people of Fontaine in their time of need. The only people who seemed to be aware of this plan were Clorinde, Sigewinne, and of course, Wriothesley as well as Neuvillette.


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