Why Does Frieza Sell Planets? Dragon Ball Super Gives Light to Long Ongoing Plothole that Kept Fans on their Toes

Dragon Ball Super Gives Light to Long Ongoing Plothole that Kept Fans on their Toes
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The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most celebrated anime franchises in the world. It is a world-renowned anime and has millions of followers. Since the first episode of Dragon Ball, the anime has been gaining fans from every country. The most recent series of the franchise is Dragon Ball Super, which went on a hiatus in 2018. 


But the manga has been continuing. The manga showed more powerful villains like Granolah and Moro, along with the amazing transformations of our beloved Saiyans. Recently, in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, one of the greater mysteries of the franchise has been revealed. This revelation happened during the Granola the Survivor Saga. The fans will finally get to know why Frieza used to sell planets.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Revealed The Reason Behind Frieza Selling Planets

Dragon Ball Z-Frieza

Granolah the Survivor Saga has had many ups and downs just like the anime. Nearing its end, the saga revealed the answer to an age-old mystery for the Dragon Ball fans. When Raditz came to Earth, he told Goku that the Saiyans are transported to several planets while they are infants. When they grow up, they destroy the dominant living species of that planet so that the planets can be sold to other species.


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The conquering part was done by Frieza. The Heeter family does the part of scouting and acts as brokers of Frieza. Frieza himself would never sell them. So he took the help of the Heeter family. It is most likely that the species that lost their planet would have to pay a huge ransom to buy another planet to stay there.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

For many decades, it remained a question as to why Frieza would sell planets even after having a large influence over the Universe. Dragon Ball Super finally gave that answer to the fans after so many years. Every tyrannical ruler has a side business. Frieza also follows that rule.


More On Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has a lot of ups and downs. The villains are good, but there is a transformation almost after every few chapters. The transformations are a big part of the franchise. Using it too often is most likely to kill the vibe. The manga has been following the same nostalgic path. The fans think that it is time for them to think out of the box.

Heeter Family
Heeter Family

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Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama are trying their best to bring it back to its glory days. The anime fandom wants the anime to break its hiatus and start airing again. The Granolah arc has given the Saiyan warriors a new ally in the form of Granolah, even though he was initially thought to be a villain.


If Dragon Ball Super makes its comeback, it will break the internet. Moreover, with revelations such as this, fans would not be surprised if the streaming sites broke down for a few hours.

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