Why Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Addition To Fast and Furious 10


The Aquaman and Dune actor Jason Momoa has surely shown his magic underwater and on the sand, now it’s time for him to land on, well, the land. Being an incredibly versatile and talented actor, we all know that we have nothing to worry about with him carrying the villain role on his shoulders in the upcoming movie, Fast and Furious 10. In fact, Momoa’s addition to the cast has most certainly given it a boost of star power. So why is Jason Momoa perfect for the role?

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Why Jason Momoa Is Perfect For Fast and Furious 10 | FandomWire
Aquaman actor Jason Momoa

Tough Beefy Guy here to fill the void

In the vast sea of beefy, meaty men in Fast and Furious franchise, it seems unfair and unlikely to not have a villain who could match up to them. Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jason Statham are those tough-guy meathead types, of course.

Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Addition to Fast and Furious 10 | FandomWire
The Rock and Vin Diesel in The Fast Saga

Due to the drama that Diesel and the Rock were completely unable to get over, what followed was the Rock’s abrupt exit and the franchise was thrown into turmoil, also resulting in a void that couldn’t be filled easily. Now that the perpetually shirtless superhero is taking the reins in his hands, no other actor seems more perfect to have filled the void. 

“A very flamboyant bad boy.”

The Aquaman actor confirmed his involvement in the sequel while speaking with Entertainment Tonight on March 1 and said  “I’m gonna go do ‘Fast 10,’ that’s gonna be fun … it’s fun, I get to play the bad guy, which I haven’t gotten to do for a while. Now, I get to be the bad boy. A very flamboyant bad boy.” He also mentioned that this villain will have “a little panache!“.

Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Villain For Fast and Furious 10 | FandomWire
Jason Momoa in Dune

It looks like The Fast Saga might be finally retiring the tired trick with the villain of later changing them into heroes (or we can certainly hope). And if that’s the case, then Momoa is truly perfect for the role because it’s finally his time to shine as a Bad Boy, after portraying only ‘heroes’ (even if conflicted or with some questionable morals) throughout his career. And seeing how his fellow DC star Henry Cavill attained tremendous success after going from a Superhero role to a villain in “Mission Impossible- Fallout“, chances are that this long overdue turn by Momoa will yield the same results.

So is it quite right time to say, ‘Welcome to the family Jason Momoa? Or should we still wait a little to see if his villain will finally change the course of the Saga.







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