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10 Cursed Movie Franchises Fans Initially Wanted To Die But Are Now Happy They’re Bouncing Back

Movie franchises almost always fail to recover after a string of bombs. But these cursed franchises somehow managed to turn the tables.

Rocky Was Almost Over Before Creed Helped It Return With A Bang

The Rocky series is a perfect example of milking a dead cow. Just look at the travesty that was Rocky V & 2006’s Rocky Balboa. Stallone’s character finally stepped out of the ring in Creed. The movie was so good it won multiple awards and spanned its own sub-franchise.

Mission Impossible Was Becoming The New Fast & Furious Until Fallout Came

The Mission Impossible movies were tom cruise’s greatest asset in Hollywood. But after Rogue Nation, they were becoming Cruise’s greatest regret. Enter Mission Impossible 6 – Fallout. This one movie was enough to revitalize an entire franchise fans had given up on.

Fox’s X-Men Universe Finds A New Lease Of Life In The MCU

The X-Men universe had its many highs and lows. By the time Dark Phoenix came, boy had it turned into a colossal disaster of a franchise. The Disney-Fox merger means the X-Men now come under the Mouse House. The X-Men will finally regain the respect they had lost to the fans over the years.

Star Trek: Beyond Was Abysmal But Tarantino Will Surely Work His Magic

The new Star Trek movies were pretty lackluster to begin with. They were average at best. but Star Trek: Beyond was beyond saving, so to speak. Paramount and Tarantino are still in talks for the latter’s vision for an R-Rated Star Trek movie. Fans are optimistic the franchise will bounce back.

Godzilla Was A Titanic Disaster Until Legendary Revived It In Hollywood In 2014

In 1998, TriStar Pictures gave us Hollywood’s first major attempt at recreating Godzilla as a franchise. It was such a bomb the studio reportedly black-listed the director from all future projects. In 2014, Legendary returned with another Godzilla movie which spanned an epic MonsterVerse trilogy.

Michael Bay’s Transformers Found New Success In The Bumblebee Spin-Off

Fans loved the initial few Transformer movies. Then as years progressed, we realized Michael Bay keeps on using the same unoriginal ‘Bayhem’ formula in each Transformers installment. By the time Last Knight came, fans had given up. No one expected Bumblebee to be such a roaring success. It led to the Studio taking another chance and making another Transformers movie set for a 2022 release date.

Planet Of The Apes Was Forgotten After The Disastrous 2001 Reboot Until 2011

Mark Wahlberg‘s 2001 Planet Of The Apes movie is called by many the worst sci-fi reboot of all time. Then in 2011, the studio took another chance and made another Planet Of the Apes movie. But this time they had an ace up their sleeve – Andy Serkis, the Cyber-Thespian.

Halloween’s Charm Had Died Down Before The 2018 Film Proved Us Wrong

Of all the horror-slasher movies, John Carpenter’s Halloween was once the epitome of success in the genre. It is also an example of a horror-slasher movie franchise’s biggest fall from grace. as more and more Halloween movies came out, the franchise hit embarrassing lows. Then in 2018, David Gordon Green gave us Halloween Kills, the first installment of his own Halloween trilogy.

Saw’s Unexpected Revival Came At The Hands Of 2021’s Spiral

The Saw movies were okay-ish to watch till Saw IV. After that, it was just a slaughter-fest (no pun intended). The story of Jigsaw was over until in 2021, Lionsgate made another Saw movie – Spiral. Chris Rock was surprisingly good as the lead. despite mixed critic reviews, the movie made twice its production budget.

Fast & Furious Is Hated By Many But Hobbs & Shaw Was A Guilty Pleasure

We will level with you. Fast and Furious as a franchise is the very representation of everything that is wrong with today’s cinema. The movie is a series of explosions, muscle thumping actions scene, and car chases. The plot is paper thin and there’s little to no substance. So is Hobbs & Shaw. But at least it uses it to its advantage. It banks on the hilarious chemistry between Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson to give a pure unadulterated popcorn flick.