‘OMG They Actually Did It!!’: South Park Disses Will Smith Oscars Slap, Proves Fan Predictions Right as Only Show That Mocks Everyone & Everything

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The Comedy Central Animated sitcom ‘South Park’ has always been in limelight due to its portrayal of real-life incidents and references in a bold way. The show is set around four children of the fictional town of South Park which is itself based on the real South Park Basin in Central Colorado. Despite having children as the protagonists, the show is mostly centered around an adult audience and contains mature themes not suitable for children.

South Park disses Will Smith
South Park

It’s not the first time South Park took a real incident or mocked a celebrity for their show. This time, in the latest season of South Park: Streaming Wars it’s been Will Smith and his infamous Oscar slap.

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Will Smith roasted by South Park

South Park makes Fun of Will Smith
Smith slapping Chris Rock

This year’s Oscars went real wild when the whole world surprisingly found the Bad Boys actor Will Smith storming onto the stage and slapping the comedian Chris Rock on his face over a joke that involved Smith’s wife Jada and then later coming back and yelling “Keep my wife’s name out your f–king mouth!” over a couple of times at the comedian.

This particular incident invited wide attention from all around the world even leading to Will Smith getting a ban from the Academy Awards for the next decade.


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South Park has deviated a great way from its children’s story arc to even focus on the adults of the town. In the latest Streaming Wars, Stan Marsh’s father, the owner of the cannabis company Tegridy farms Randy Marsh goes around nagging everyone with his demands which results in the whole town calling him “Karen” and in a very subtle and clever way, South Park parodies the Oscar fiasco.

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Randy Marsh goes Will Smith mode

The South Guy disses Will Smith over slap controversy

Being called “Karen” by the whole town enraged Randy and boiled him over another fight with his rival Steve. During this, when the water commissioner arrives to take their names, Steve mockingly replies that his rival’s name is Karen Marsh. After this, an enraged Randy boiling with anger screams “You better get that f–king name out your f–king mouth!”

The South park's fans going to get what they wanted


After this, the commissioner leaves the place to his own business laughing it off while a raged Randy is left fuming just like the case of Smith during the Oscars.

This called for a hilarious moment as the fans realized how cleverly the makers have incorporated the gag in the show without making a huge issue of it. This was a clever move because even the makers are aware of that the gag is dated being the controversy died off by now so elongating it won’t have a positive effect.

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The Predictions Come True:

This latest take on the slap controversy by South Park also lets us dig out some old tweets during the time the real incident took place showing how many of the fans were already anticipating this to be parodied in the show.



Although the Will Smith thing is now done, it can still be expected that this Karen gag will continue over more episodes taking us on a joyride all over South Park.

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