Wolverine Candidate and ‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Acknowledges Hugh Jackman as Mentor, Fuels New MCU Wolverine Rumors

Wolverine Candidate and 'Stranger Things' Star Dacre Montgomery Acknowledges Hugh Jackman as Mentor, Fuels New MCU Wolverine Rumors
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With Disney’s acquisition of Fox several years back, the X-Men have finally come home to Marvel Studios – which means a reboot is inevitable so that Marvel’s Mightiest Mutants can make their presence felt in the juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (perhaps sooner rather than later with all of the references recent MCU projects have made to mutants). And with that reboot likely comes a new actor.


One actor who is rumored to pick up those claws and succeed Jackman as Wolverine is the Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery. Rumors spread like wildfire, once people caught wind of Montgomery they could not wait to see him as the next Wolverine but the actor is not so keen.

Dacre Montgomery can never play Wolverine

Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery, widely known for his portrayal as Billy Hargrove in the Netflix sensation Stranger Things had shown interest in playing Wolverine.  As Billy Hargrove, the bully at the school was viewed as a compelling and multifaceted antagonist in the series, the Australian actor went on to become a fan favorite. Despite all of the adulation, Montgomery went back on his feelings about portraying Wolverine in the MCU. The young actor revealed his reasons for never playing Wolverine, he told,


“Hugh has become a good friend and a mentor of mine. I feel like it is an amazing opportunity as a newcomer in the Australian acting world to craft my own story, to craft my own path and journey and Hugh has been a really amazing advocate of mine. I almost wouldn’t want to do that whole scenario injustice by trying to step into that space”.

Hugh Jackman, according to Dacre Montgomery, has been a great friend and influence. He who played the Wolverine also gave the Stranger Things star advice when he was just starting out in Hollywood, which, as per Dacre Montgomery, the relationship that he shares with Jackman is much more significant to him than getting a big-name franchise job.

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Dacre Montgomery

“This is an interesting moment for me, I am not really interested in doing a superhero film, it doesn’t really interest me at this point. I am really trying to craft something that my childhood self really dreamt of when I watched small independent films with cool filmmakers and gritty engaging harrowing stories. But I still love to go to the cinema and watch stuff like X Men”.

Other names that are floating around for the role are Daniel Radcliffe (Weird: Al Yankovic Story), Milo Gibson(Under the Stadium Lights), Taron Egerton(Glimpse), and Paul Mescal(Carmen).


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Tom Hardy and Taron Egerton are being considered for the role

Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton was been cast as Wolverine in numerous fan castings, some of which caught his attention and he spoke about it with Sway’s Universe.

“I’ve always said… I don’t know if I’m the right guy to play that part. I was with Hugh [Jackman] yesterday, briefly, who obviously played the role originally. We’re such different vibes. I don’t know if I would be the right person to follow him. But I’ve always said I would be open to it. But at the moment, there’s no truth, other than the fan-casting thing, which goes kind of crazy every time I mention it. But, you know, who knows,”

It is true, currently, everything is a rumor and the fan-castings are based on speculation. Another name that always comes up in Fan-castings is Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy in Venom

Hardy has been in enough superhero and comic book movies. He did, after all, play the menacing Batman, bad guy Bane in The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale, and he also plays the main role in Sony’s Marvel movie Venom, most recently making an appearance in the hotly contested sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage from 2021.

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Although Tom Hardy has often come out on top in fan castings, his involvement with another Marvel character in a different movie may make him less likely to be cast as Wolverine. Yes, we are referring to the Venom franchise, which is getting ready to release its third film. Hugh Jackman’s comeback as the character in Deadpool 3 may also make it doubtful. Will there be a new Wolverine? Probably yes. Who will it be? We have to wait for Sony Marvel to answer that.


Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix.

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