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9 Marvel Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Video Games

Marvel has created multiple games on superheroes, yet missed out on some of the most deserving ones.

For Years, Marvel video games have given players a chance to become their favorite heroes and experience firsthand what it’s like to swing in the streets of New York like Spiderman or don an iron man suit. In the present date, there are ample of superheroes who have either not starred in a proper video game title in years or have never even been a part of one. It has mostly been the Avengers poster boys (Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc.) who we get a chance to play as. Marvel Games have alone created around 35 games on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s sad as Marvel Cinematic Universe has superheroes who could possibly create successful Triple-A games (a Triple-A game is a high budget game with resplendent graphics), with their stories. Keeping in mind the potential they have for making fantastic video games here are 9 superheroes that are long overdue for a game title all to themselves.


9) Captain America

You won’t find a better arcade game of the ’00s than Captain America: Super Soldier, but that was 9 years ago and Captain America doesn’t seem to have had an impressive game since then. Imagine a game set in the backdrops of World War II with “Call of Duty” vibes. With multiple series of events, players should obviously be able to use Captain America’s strength and agility to smack around some enemies, but the focus should remain on Steve Rodger’s story and investigative work.

8) Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, with her solo debut movie coming out in 2020, could be more than perfect to play as a game character. Black Widow’s game would be an intimidating game that could put her at the forefront and have other Marvel characters cameos in it too. A stealthy game set around the plot of her life as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and her previous life as a Russian Spy could do justice to her role and would make an excellent game.

7) Thor

With what we saw last in 2013’s game, Thor: God Of Thunder, a game set around the life of Norse deity’s life after the Avenger End Game where he departs with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a bit of soul-searching and self-discovery would be something worth waiting. Years ago, gamers have experienced what it feels like to use Mjolnir to beat the crap out of villains, but defeating them with The God of Thunder’s new forged weapon Stormbreaker is yet to happen.


6) Daredevil

Although video games are all about visual representation, they can also let us experience the world in completely new ways. Imagine what a developer could do with Marvel’s Daredevil who has decades of storyline available for adaptation into the video game medium. A daredevil’s game could really give out Batman game vibes with what we perceive as the skilled detective, tracker, and interrogation leaves no stone unturned in his missions.

5) Ant-Man

Of course, Ant-Man has also seen a rise to fame over the past few years, thanks to two of his movies and his appearance in the Avenger End Game. Ant-Man fantastic stories in the comics that would translate incredibly well to a video game. His comic books are successful, and so were the movies. In a game where your avatar could shrink to the size of an ant to a magnanimous hero as tall as the Empire State, an Ant-Man game has a lot of untapped potentials, to say the least.

4) Gambit

Ample of X-Men games have been launched by Marvel in the past decades. The first one being launched in 1989, X-Men games have not given much importance to any other character other than the Wolverine. But an alteration in this practice could have the Cajun mutant Gambit, who is capable of charging objects with kinetic energy and making them explode. With an interesting back story, Gambit’s dalliance with Rogue could make the gameplay and the story worthwhile.

3) Moon Knight

Moon Knight is often acknowledged as Marvel’s Batman, and because Batman games work so well, it could be Marvel’s sure shot at developing a Triple-A game. Well, he’s not as known as Batman, but he’s still basically Batman. He’s not super, he’s a vigilante, he’s rich, and with a  cave under his mansion, the resemblance gets uncanny. It’d be a great way for Marvel to sell more of its comics, and it could pave the path for a Moon Knight appearance on the big screen.

2) Doctor Strange

One of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful being, Doctor Stephen Strange, a sorcerer, with his many different magical abilities could be a delight for gamers if brought to our consoles. Imagine a game where you could learn to control Strange’s plethora of abilities and fight off a mystical threat. With Strange’s character possessing limitless possibilities, it would be relishing to walk around his sanctum Sanctorum and discover magical secrets hidden in documents and books.

1) Black Panther

Coming at the topmost spot is our King of the dead, Wakanda leader, Black Panther. The movie which is one of the highest-rated superhero films to ever hit the theaters, T’Challa’s character connected to the very enriched and diverse world of Wakanda could become a potential action-adventure game in which the players could explore and interact in the country. The powers of Black Panther’s character are worth experiencing and would make a perfect game!


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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.