The wait for the long-anticipated sequel to the classic Rockstar Games Bully may finally be over!

According to Youtuber SWEGTA, known for his MANY videos about the game, reputable information has revealed that Bully 2 would release sometime around the 2020 holiday season, with the full statement given by SWEGTA reading as follows:

“The way they [Rockstar] are going about this has completely changed. As it stands, they are aiming to release their next game during the holiday season in 2020 (most likely October or November). I can’t say for sure, but that appears to be the current state of planning. Basically, what they want to do is release their next upcoming game on next-gen hardware (PS5 and the new Xbox), as well as on the current-gen. The motive for this is mainly financial, just like with GTA V on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.”

SWEGTA is claiming that an insider directly contacted him with the information. The same information claimed by former Rockstar Games insider Yan2295 on Twitter back in 2017. Yan2295 was the source of a number of Rockstar related leaks, but was asked to not release anything else by Rockstar themselves in September of 2018.

Originally thought to have been canceled, it’s exciting to see Rockstar is revisiting what many thought would be a dead IP; one, originally thought to have too niche of an audience to make a sequel to. But considering how many hours I clocked in on Bully when I was younger, I have to say I’m at least curious as to how Rockstar plans on expanding the gameplay mechanics and story if and when this gets released!

The original Bully was released by Rockstar on October 17, 2006. The game was met with controversy, (as with most Rockstar games) due to its violence, anti-establishment, and homophobic nature, but ended up receiving great critic reviews. Critics praised the game’s story, world-building, and character development.

Bully is an open-world, action-adventure game that follows teenage rebel James “Jimmy” Hopkins. Throughout the story, Jimmy rises through the ranks of the school groups, archetypes which include Bullies, Nerds, Preppies, Greasers, and Jocks. You start the game in Bullworth Academy, unlocking other areas of the town of Bullworth as the story progresses.