5 Important Improvements Palworld Needs to Make Before It Ends Early Access

Palworld is a great game, but it is unfinished, as per users.

5 Important Improvements Palworld Needs to Make Before it Ends Early Access


  • Palworld attained instant success, gained popularity on all of the stores it is currently available on, and even topped the charts of streaming platforms.
  • The game is still in early access, so there are a lot of things to be fixed before it releases completely.
  • Now players have highlighted issues like the problems with the game's AI and some wild Pals being absolutely broken and overpowered.
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Palworld is a title that has been rising in popularity ever since it entered early access. The game that has been dubbed “Pokemon with Guns” has a lot of elements that will remind players of Pokémon games. But it also has elements from other video game titles; it is evident that Pokémon games weren’t the only inspiration for the title.


Since the game is in early access, it implies that gamers can play the game because it is in a primarily playable state. However, it isn’t a finished product and still has some bugs and glitches expected from a game that isn’t finished. Here are the top five improvements the game needs to make to ensure that, as and when it releases fully, it provides all players with a more polished, refined, and hassle-free experience.

5. The AI for Humans in Palworld Is Broken and Needs Fixing

The AI for players in Palworld needs fixing.
The AI for players in Palworld needs fixing.

As posted by a player on the game’s subreddit, there are a lot of instances when humans behave very similarly to Pals. Pals are not meant to be as advanced as humans by definition of a title focusing on monster-taming. The user explained how they experienced that any human could stroll into Syndicate Pals and set Pals free, like it was the easiest thing in the world. The player also mentioned that there seems to be no difference between the AI of Pals and humans in the game.


This was illustrated by citing an example of the player wreaking havoc at a human’s camp and turning it into debris and rubble. Still, the humans are not even responding but are standing dumbfounded and uninterested.

To offer a challenge to players and to make it feel like players are actually in an environment where every decision counts and not making the right one could have consequences, Palworld needs to address this. If not, the game will lose the traction that it has gained. Another video posted on the game’s subreddit shows the AI for Syndicate thugs being completely unresponsive here. This shows how much the game needs to tend to this to fulfill its potential.

4. Player Avatars in Palworld Seem Lifeless and Not Very Custom

Player avatars need more customizability in Palworld.
Player avatars need more customizability in Palworld.

In the thread, the second point talks about how players dislike that their avatars look lifeless and do not have facial animations. It makes sense because Palworld is an indie title built on a small fraction of the budget used to create AAA games.


However, adding facial animations could benefit the game immensely, even if they are not motion-captured but animated in the studio instead. Another thing pointed out is the character creation process in the game, which feels lackluster because it skips over some basic customization options. For example, facial hair cannot be of any color other than the player’s eyebrows, and to have one’s character sport a beard, one needs to select a preset face with a beard.

Also, when worn by a bald player avatar, the bowler hat cosmetic seems to give the player avatar hair magically. These inconsistencies may appear insignificant to a person who is not an avid gamer. Still, since many gamers have incredible attention to detail, these hiccups remove something from the game’s immersion.

3. Players Phasing Through Walls in Palworld and Pals Getting Stuck in Basements

A player shared a tip regarding base-building in the game not long ago. As expected, base-building forms a considerable part of the game’s offering. The piece that reported the bug that is probably still not fixed can be found here.


In the footage the player shares, their in-game avatar climbs up a ledge adjacent to the ramp. Instead of shimmying sideways, they can move downward, which is undoubtedly illogical. Then, something even more bizarre is seen as the player being able to phase through a wooden wall. Then, the player can be seen accessing a crate in a hidden chamber.

While it sounds excellent in theory to utilize a glitch to hide one’s prized belongings in a secret chamber, some players expressed a significant flaw in the game. Another player highlighted that they would get stuck there whenever they built a base with a basement, and any Pals would be taken to the basement with them.

Also, another player mentioned that they build a base beside an ore deposit, and whenever there would be a raid, wild Pals would get stuck in adjoining cliffs thanks to the unpolished AI. This needs to be fixed before the game is ultimately released.


2. Wild Pals Seem to Be Blessed With Godly Abilities in Palworld

Devs must fix many of Palworld's issues to keep the game alive and shining.
Devs must fix many of Palworld‘s issues to keep the game alive and shining.

Another piece of footage from the game’s subreddit can be found here. In the footage, we see a player initially equipped with a bow and arrow come across a Direhowl, a neutral element of Pal, in the wilderness. After that, the player unleashes a Foxpark, to battle the Direhowls.

This continues for a few seconds, and things seem to go well. However, one of the Direhowls channels their inner Chuck Norris and rams the player holding their Foxpark only to hit the player for a home run. As funny as it seems, this can be incredibly frustrating for players trying to survive an attack by many of the in-game wild Pals.

Another incident reported something similar to the glitch in point number 3 that sees player avatars phase through walls. Another player reported that their Pals were one step ahead and started phasing through walls, only to meet their demise due to starvation. All of this should be one of the developers’ top priorities, considering how taming, managing one’s pals, and defeating Wild ones are some of the core mechanics in the game.


1. Players Unanimously Dislike Palworld’s UI

Palworld needs better UI in order to sustain its players.
Palworld needs a better UI to sustain its players.

Palworld is a title designed to rely heavily on its UI to make life easier. That is because the game has so much to do because of its genre. However, an issue highlighted by a player seems to be making a lot of noise on the game’s subreddit, with over five thousand upvotes and almost 700 comments.

One can check out the entire piece reporting this issue here. Now, the player complains that the UI is more than clunky and ruins the entire experience of managing Pals. Players suggested they needed a better way to manage assignments in the game. While it is not incredibly complex to fix, the hassles caused by it are most certainly being noted by players. A customizable UI or the ability to use a single hub in-game to manage all the Pals would solve the problem.

What do you think is the biggest problem among these? Do you have something else in mind that the game’s developers should pay attention to? Let us know in the comment section below.


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