6 DC Actors From Pre-DCEU Movies Fans Want To See In The Flash (Just Like MCU’s No Way Home)

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There are a few DC actors in Pre-DCEU films that left a lasting impression among the fans. Here’s a few of these DC actors we want to return to the DCEU.


Gary Oldman – Commissioner Gordon

Gary Oldman

J.K. Simmons did a wonderful job as Jim Gordon in the DC Extended Universe movies. And we are sure Jeffrey Wright will do an even better job in the upcoming The Batman movie. But there is only one Commissioner Jim Gordon we have all fallen in love with. Gary Oldman stands atop all DC actors as the guy who immortalized the role of Jim Gordon. Starring in the Dark Knight trilogy as the “see no evil, do no evil” quintessential goody two shoes cop, Jim Gordon ended up becoming one of Batman’s greatest allies during his war on crime. Most critics count Gary Oldman as one of the greatest DC actors to have ever lived.

Morgan Freeman – Lucius Fox

Morgan Freeman

It will be very tough to fill in the shoes of Gary Oldman‘s Jim Gordon. But it will be equally difficult for the next actor who gets to play Lucius Fox on screen. Because that guy will be walking down a path that has already been tread upon by the legendary Morgan Freeman. Freeman’s Fox was a cunning and clever inventor/genius who also became Batman‘s ally. He was a man of ethics and morals, who did not like his creations to be misused by anyone else without his permission. Freeman left a lasting impact as Lucius Fox in the Dark Knight trilogy. It will he bard for the next generation of DC actors to top his performance.


Danny DeVito – The Penguin

Danny DeVito

We are excited to see how Colin Farrell does with the role of Oswald Cobblepot. The Penguin is an iconic Batman villain who deserves to be in the spotlight as much as possible. The Penguin once used to be an obscure villain until Danny DeVito helped the character rise to fame with his performance in Batman Returns. Sure Robin Lord Taylor helped explore the character’s origins but it was DeVito who cemented his position as the one of the few DC actors who resonate with one specific role so much.

Peter Sarsgaard – Hector Hammond

Peter Sarsgaard

2012’s Green Lantern may have been an utter disaster. But it did give us one good thing. Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector Hammond was one of the movie’s few good highlights. It was not the actor’s fault that the writers gave his character such less creative leg-space. Sarsgaard did the most he could with the limited resources he had while playing Hector Hammond. We could see a man with daddy issues and unresolved childhood problems who eventually succumbed to a greater power in search of finding power, something he had been lacking in for so long.

Tom Hardy – Bane

Tom Hardy

Bringing back Heath Ledger is no longer possible. So we would like the next best thing to take his place. All DC actors would agree to the fact that Tom Hardy‘s Bane is second only to Ledger’s Joker as a Batman movie villain. And we would definitely like to see more of him in action in future DC movies. If the actor and the studio manage to comer to a good enough agreement, Tom Hardy could return as Bane, the man who broke Batman.


Kate Bosworth – Lois Lane

Kate Bosworth

Like Green Lantern, Superman Returns left much to be desired for. The movie did have a strong cast though that had the acting chops. Kate Bosworth, who played Lois Lane in the movie, is someone we would like to see returning to the DCEU movies. This may be an unpopular opinion but Amy Adams’ Lois Lane looks so one dimensional on screen. Bosworth’s Lois is ten times better than Adams’ Lois.


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