7 Gaming Moments that’ll Blow You Away, According to Reddit

7 Mind Blowing Moments in video games according to Reddit users

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Reddit users have been discussing moments from their favorite video games that they consider to be truly mind-blowing, with shocking twists to explosive finales to some of the most thrilling reveals in modern gaming they shared how these moments felt at the time and how they left a lasting impression ever since. In this list, we’re going to break down seven of the most mind-blowing moments, according to Reddit.



Protocol 10 from Batman: Arkham City

Protocol 10 is the climax of Batman Arkham City
Protocol 10 is the climax of Batman: Arkham City

From Reddit user: SPL_034


Protocol 10 is the climax of Batman: Arkham City and is perhaps one of the most epic moments in a superhero video game to ever grace players consoles. It has everything from an epic score, to the chaos that surrounds players as Hugo Strange enacts his master plan. With one Redditor saying

…and then I get to the part of the game when Hugo Strange commits to his plan…the presentation, music & gameplay in this part of the game convinced me I was playing something really special.

Arkham City is full of fantastic set pieces but this one really stands out in a sea of epicness as players are treated to one last act of pure adrenaline pumping action and badass Batman moments as you race to stop Hugo Strange atop Wonder Tower before the shocking ending to the games story. Rocksteady really put everything into Arkham City and it’s easy to see why many hold this game in such high regard.

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Fighting Darth Vader on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal Kestis staring down Darth Vader
Cal Kestis staring down Darth Vader

From Reddit user: mariocova3

Spoilers to those that haven’t yet played the fantastic Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as this will spoil a truly epic moment from one of the final moments of the game, but when infiltrating Fortress Inquisitorius players are met by the fearsome dark lord himself, Darth Vader. Now as we all know Star Wars canon we know this is a fight the Vader won’t perish during so players are left with the sense of impending doom that they or a member of the Mantis crew won’t make it out of this encounter alive. Set to the backdrop of the fortress walls breaching and some ominous music for good measure this moment is sure to have players sweating and make for a mind-blowing encounter they’ll not soon forget.

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s Opening Act

RDR2 has a frosty opening act
RDR2 has a frosty opening act

From Reddit user: Sweetyams10

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 opens with a stellar opening act that introduces us to the Van der Linde gang and most importantly to the game’s main protagonist Arthur Morgan. Set in the mountains during a blizzard, players immediately get a feel for the game’s incredible weather system and boundary-pushing gameplay, with everything from its snow physics as players walk through the snow and see it move around the player’s feet, to the lighting and blizzard effects and yes even THAT feature on the horse, you know the one.

With groundbreaking features and an opening act that really sets up what RDR 2 is going to be fans were truly treated when Rockstar released this back in 2018, throw in a western story with inspiration from the spaghetti westerns of Clint Eastwood’s days and shoot’em up action and you have yourselves a winning combination.


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Opening Sequence of Ghost of Tsushima

The samurai of Tsushima island preparing to stand against the mongols
The samurai of Tsushima island preparing to stand against the mongols

From Reddit user: Flacksguy

The opening sequence to Ghost of Tsushima is arguably one of the best opening acts of a video game to ever grace our consoles. With its blood-soaked beachfront battlefield, to the brutality of the invading Mongols, you get a real sense of what Jin Sakai and his fellow Samurai were going through. Players are introduced to the game’s beautiful graphics, fantastic swordplay and spectacular world-building through this prologue which likely had them hooked from the very first button press.


This is just a taste of what is to come in the game with its excellent score and moonlit setting, this first battle and story starter is nothing short of mind-blowing, to say the least, and is sure to transport players into a world inspired by the samurai films of old directed by the legendary Akira Kurosawa. A gory, visceral, and gritty opening act that is sure to stick with many long after they have played and beaten the game.

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Psycho Mantis Boss Fight in Metal Gear Solid 1

The infamous Psycho Mantis scene from MGS 1
The infamous Psycho Mantis scene from MGS 1

From Reddit user: SonofCorax


For many, the Psycho Mantis boss fight probably caused a few trust issues due to the way the player’s controller was being moved by Psycho Mantis who instructed you to plug your controller into the player 2 port and then claimed to be reading the player’s memory card. With this feature, players would have no doubt felt some form of fear or dread that their beloved console was broken and they wouldn’t be able to finish Metal Gear Solid 1 with no internet as we know it today at the time there was no easy way to search to if this was an actual problem so the only solution was to just do as the game instructed, which would lead to gamers breathing a sigh of relief when they realize it was part of the plan.

This is just one of many mind-blowing moments from MGS1 but I’m sure others will agree that this is definitely a standout due to its at the time futuristic nature and having never been done before.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Nuke Scene

Aftermath is the 11th mission in Modern Warfare (2007)
Aftermath is the 11th mission in Modern Warfare (2007)

From Reddit user: Pozzg

Back in 2007, there was a little game released called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and with that came one of the franchise’s most beloved titles and kickstarted what would also become CoD’s most popular sub-franchise in regards to the Modern Warfare title, having since being rebooted in 2019. But in Modern Warfare (2007) players were shocked when they came across the game’s 11th mission which saw a nuclear bomb go off destroying everything in sight around the player and leaving them to navigate the aftermath of the blast which gave a harrowing look into the consequences of nuclear warfare.

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Jörmungandr’s Introduction in God Of War 2018

Jörmumgandr’s introduction in God of War 2018

From Reddit user: HRduffNstuff

When Sony Santa Monica Studios rebooted the God Of War franchise back in 2018 fans were treated to Kratos facing the Norse Gods of Norse mythology this time around. Included in this is Jörmungandr, or The World Serpent, who at first was thought to be a boss fight, but ended up being a friend-and-guide to Kratos and son, Atreus. The introduction to The World Serpent is quite frankly mind-blowing in itself due to the sheer size of the serpent and the thunderous voice-shaking player’ sound systems.

So according to Reddit, these are just seven of the most mind-blowing moments that modern video games have to offer, ranging from Batman to Call of Duty to the Norse realms of God of War and a galaxy far, far away in Jedi: Fallen Order. Do you agree with these pickings? What are some of your favorite mind-blowing video game moments? Let us know in the comments!


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