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A Sequel to a Show-NCBD Review: Pennyworth #1

Within the past 5 years, DC Comics has released a multitude of books under their “Rebirth” and later their “DC Universe” line of books. With these changes, they have also introduced books based on their movie franchises. The first of those is the miniseries Pennyworth. It was written by Scott Bryan Wilson (best known for Batman: Gotham Nights). Additionally, it was drawn by Juan Gedeon (best known for Ghost Rider]. The cover of the issue is drawn by Jorge Fornés.



As always, the review will be judging the comic based solely on the contents within the issue itself, disregarding any previous issues, and instead judging it on its own merit. This issue is a fairly enjoyable comic on its own, but could definitely be improved by the other issues in this story arc. 


The writing in this issue is competent, but it is by far not the most enjoyable thing I have read. It certainly gave me something to wrap my brain around for a few minutes, but between decompression becoming the mainstream norm and the fact that I am not a fan of the source material, the book leaves a lot to be desired. I appreciate the fact that Alfred Pennyworth has his own series though (my favorite backup feature of all time is the Alfred backup feature in the 1970s series “Batman Family”). 


Honestly, as competent as the artist is, I can not say I am much a fan of the art. This is personal opinion speaking, but the hyper-stylized art combined with the soft colors and characters due to the lack of definitive ink lines makes it somewhat hard to look at. It is technically proficient and dynamic, but the inking and stylization make it somewhat uninteresting. 



Now for the part of this review where I tell you how to spend your hard-earned money (or in this case, how not to.) I would not recommend anyone buy this for the price they are asking. I do suggest though that you read the issue on DC Universe when it is released in 6 months, as fans of this show would certainly like this extended story. 


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