After the Success of the TV Show a New Twisted Metal Game Was in Development, and Now it’s Not Thanks to PlayStation’s Layoffs

It's really Twisted, the state of the industry.

After the Success of the TV Show a New Twisted Metal Game Was in Development, and Now it's Not Thanks to PlayStation's Layoffs


  • Sony recently announced that they are letting go of eight percent of the workforce.
  • Twisted Metal is the among top-tier games franchise the company has published to this date.
  • Available data shows that the car combat franchise has sold over 5 Million units in North America.
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A new Twisted Metal game would be great, in fact, it was already in development. But, to the dismay of fans, now it’s not, courtesy of Sony. Over 30K employees have already lost their jobs to layoffs and now 900 more will be added to the list after PlayStation maker decided to let go of 8 percent workforce from the company.


Twisted Metal is among the best games Sony has published over the years. Several games from the series have been re-released as the company’s Greatest Hits program. The game follows a car combat theme, more like a demolition derby, where players can hit the opposing drivers with a variety of weapons available at their disposal.

Sustainable Growth Is Substantial Now

Sony will be letting go of 900 employees in the latest job cut.
Sony will be letting go of 900 employees in the latest job cut.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan said it was difficult for them to decide. PS5 sales were a disaster as it tumbled the company shares by $10 Billion. It appears like they are going after the long-term sustainability of the organization. And they aren’t alone in this as Microsoft chose the same path for they recently cut 1,900 workers from Xbox and Activision Blizzard.


With the company already making up its mind, the decision will also affect their FireSprite Studio while PlayStation’s London Studio will be discontinued as a part of the announcement. Interestingly, Firesprite was working on a live-service Twisted Metal video game before being caught up in the corporate-y whirlwind.

Sometimes, great ideas don’t become great games,” PlayStation head Herman Hulst said in a memo to staff, according to news website Bloomberg. Where the live-service epidemic is on the rise, PlayStation has canceled a few games including those associated with The Last of Us and Spider-Man. Appears like the studio really is struggling to stay afloat in the market.

Retraction is an Old Friend of Twisted Metal’s

Twisted Metal is among the successful game franchises of Sony.
Twisted Metal is among the successful game franchises of Sony.

If Twisted Metal was a person, this cancellation wouldn’t have hurt him/her given that he/she has become used to it. The series’ co-creator David Jaffe revealed a couple of titles that never saw the light of day. One was rumored to be a mesh of hip-hop and culture while the other was said to be set in a post-apocalyptic world. Thankfully, the other media got it covered.


Interestingly, actor Anthony Mackie announced the second season of the game’s TV adaptation during The Game Awards 2023. And to the fans’ relief, there’s no news regarding its cancellation, for now.

Fans should know that Firesprite will be affected by the company’s decision, it won’t be discontinued. It is not like that Sony will abandon the game for it is among their games beloved by fans. But for now, anyone hoping for anything associated with a Twisted Metal game would only meet disappointment.

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