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Cheap As Chips: Shabby Tricks Your Favorite Shows Use To Keep You Watching

Cheap As Chips Shabby Tricks Your Favorite Shows Use To Keep You Watching

Shows run through seasons and have a number of episodes. To keep the fans interested throughout can sometimes be a hard task. Especially now, with streaming platforms, viewers have a vast variety of shows to pick from, if one show doesn’t keep them tied to their story, they’ll switch and watch something different. Good storylines and well-written characters are a way to keep the fans watching the shows. But sometimes these tools, along with catchy themes and dialogues, don’t work. Sometimes, shows have to use shabby tricks. Check out some shabby tricks your favorite shows use to keep you watching.

Misleading Editing of Next Episode’s Teaser

Misleading Editing of Next Episode's Teaser shabby trick
Misleading Editing of Next Episode’s Teaser

The majority of fan favorite shows use this trick to get the viewers excited about the upcoming episode. Especially the shows that release episodes weekly. It makes the fans excitedly wait for the upcoming episode. The fans tune in to see the major plot twist or the death of a major character. They present it as if you can’t miss the next episode at all. But many times they do not fulfill what was promised in the teaser. Though it is a shabby trick, it rarely backfires, mostly keeps the fans interested.

Characters Returning from the Dead

Characters Returning from the Dead shabby trick
Characters Returning from the Dead

A common trick used especially by sci-fi and fantasy shows is of characters returning from the dead. In this series, characters are never really dead. They use some trick or technology to resurrect the character. The makers use this shabby trick to give fan-favorite characters a dramatic funeral, only to bring them back a few episodes later. It is done to get the fans excited about the character that they loved so much is back in the show.

Keeping the Bad Guy around in Reality Shows

Keeping the Bad Guy around in Reality Shows shabby trick
Keeping the Bad Guy around in Reality Shows

Reality shows unlike their name aren’t always about reality. Sometimes these shows use the judges to sway the way we feel about the contestants. The producers sometimes control who stays on the show and who leaves. In shows, where contestants stay together, they knowingly keep the ones portrayed as bad around longer than usual, for a shabby trick. To keep the drama and conflict going. With all the nice ones on the show, it can be boring.

Main Couple Constantly Breaks-Up and Reunites

Main Couple constantly Breaks-Up and Reunites shabby trick favorite shows
Main Couple constantly Breaks-Up and Reunites

Most fans are seen rooting for the main couple and dying to see them together. Shows use this emotion to keep them interested, even though it is a shabby trick. The fans would go to any extent to know how the two finally get back together. In the early seasons, we see them get together. Then trouble comes, the two break up. The two have trouble moving on, they get back together again. And break up yet again. Then finally, in the end, the big proposal happens and the two are together and fans love it.


Cliffhangers shabby trick favorite shows

This is a shabby trick that has always worked for most of the fan-favorite shows. To leave an episode a season at a cliffhanger will keep the fans excited for what’s coming next. These cliffhangers keep the fans interested for a longer time. Leaving the turning point untold at the end, ups the excitement of the viewers. They anxiously wait to see what happens next.

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Written by Gargi Mishra

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