Cult Classic TV Shows That Had Horrible First Season Impressions


Many cult classic TV shows did not begin with fame and acclaim. They were hated upon and even considered failures. These cult classic TV shows managed to turn it around.

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Parks & Recreations – The First Season Was Too Boring

Parks and Recreation season 1
Parks & Recreations

It may be one of the greatest cult classic TV shows ever in human history. But when it first began, it suffered from a horrible first season impression. The humor was too cut and dry and the characters were totally out of depth. many of the episodes fell flat and there was a time the studio was mulling over pulling the plug. Leslie Knope failed to connect with audiences as the protagonist. Many cult classic TV shows suffer at first but manage to gain their footing in the end. Parks and Recreation was first called just another copy cat of The Office. But somehow, it regained back its fan base and found the rhythm it sorely lacked in the second season and beyond.


Breaking Bad – The Plot Was Inconsistent

breaking bad season 1
Breaking Bad

The first season of Breaking Bad is one of the worst rated seasons of one of greatest cult classic TV shows on the face of the Earth. Breaking Bad is not just TV. It is a religion, a way of life for some. There are so many fans of this show that we cannot even fathom. Even after so many years, Breaking Bad remains a fan favorite even amongst new age fans. Breaking Bad was not always like this. After the first few episodes of season 1, the story sunk to a snail’s pace. The character and story building took precedence and there were times the first season seemed insufferable. Only the ones who believe in the show and stuck around to get past that ordeal get to see the masterpiece unfold.

Blackadder – Nobody Liked Rowan Atkinson In Season 1

Blackadder series one

The show explores the life and times of the man who is unfortunate enough to be called Edmund Blackadder. Hailing from the Blackadder dynasty, each season takes place in a different but important time in British history. Atkinson shot to fame after playing the dumb and silly protagonist in Blackadder. But the first season saw a lot of fans hating on the character for being so gullible. Atkinson’s popularity soared only after the fans started warming up to him in latter seasons of one of the most cult classic TV shows in british TV history.


Supernatural – Sam & Dean Had No Chemistry At First

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A fantasy thriller series set in the modern world, you would be living under a rock if you said you haven’t heard of Supernatural. Cult classic TV shows that depend on their leads generally tend to try and flesh their relationship dynamics out first. The first season of Supernatural took a bit too long to do that. Season 1 of the show had little to no chemistry between the Winchester brothers. It was only later on that the legendary interactions between the Sam and Dean ended up defining the series’ popularity quotient for the years to come.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1 Was Too Incoherent

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Next Generation was, is, and always will be one of the greatest sci-fi cult classic TV shows to ever exist. And nothing can change our mind. It was not always that way though. After the first season of the show aired, fans called the show’s story was all over the place. the pacing and plot direction seemed totally incoherent. Many fans even petitioned to boycott the show because it tried to infringe upon the sanctity of Star Trek: The Original Series. After Season 2 aired, fans started having more faith in this show. By the time it aired its last and final episode, TNG was already a legend.



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