Dragon Ball GT: 8 Ways It Was Better Than Dragon Ball Z

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When we think of Dragon Ball, the legendary series Dragon Ball Z springs to mind. Dragon Ball GT seldom gets the recognition it deserves. Here’s why Dragon Ball GT was a better show than you remember.


Gave Us Gogeta


While Dragon Ball fans fall head over heels for Vegito, the Gogeta fusion is in reality way more intriguing. Goku and Vegeta have had a pretty complicated relationship. From enemies to rivals to eventual allies, Goku and Vegeta have come a long way since. When Goku and Vegeta fused together to from Gogeta, their relationship was not as mature as it is now in Dragon Ball Super. And that makes Gogeta a very interesting addition to Dragon Ball GT. Vegeta and Goku’s opposing views and ideologies merged together to form a warrior with a strong, able bodied warrior and one of the most formidable Z fighters ever.

Dragon Ball GT Gave Birth To Super Saiyan 4


The Dragon Ball GT series had a lot of good character designs. The Super Saiyan 4 transformation is a good example. To achieve this form, a Saiyan must change into his or her great ape form and maintain conscious control over it. In this form, a Saiyan has total control over his or her mind while wielding unimaginable power. This form, other than giving a Saiyan a formidable power boost, was also very visually appealing.


Goku Finally Gets The Recognition He Deserves

Goku’s Statue

Even after saving the world for hundreds of times, Goku is still not acknowledged by even his fellow Earthlings. Despite being their savior, it hurts to see Goku being sidelined and neglected by the people he helped save. But in Dragon Ball GT, we finally got to see Goku get the respect he was owed since long. A mysterious figure erects a statue in Goku’s honor. We do not know who was the person responsible for this but theories say it was Mr. Satan himself.

Dragon Ball GT Had A Better, More Developed Gohan

A Better Gohan

While we all look up to Goku, we have t admit he has been a lousy father and husband. In his quest to become stronger, he has more or less forsaken his family on numerous occasions. His wife is left to fend for herself as she raises their two kids on her own. But his son Gohan does not follow his father’s footsteps in Dragon Ball GT. He decides to let go of the way of the warrior and rather become a good husband and family man. Gohan decides to become an intellectual scholar rather than a Z warrior. By the time Dragon Ball Super comes, all that character development is erased, Gohan being reduced to a supporting role.

The Baby Saga


The onus of delivering good villains always falls upon Dragon Ball Z. But many fans of the series forget that Dragon Ball Gt gave us one of the most legendary and complex Dragon Ball villains of all time. Baby is a parasitic being from the Tuffle race who jumps from body to body, controlling each host’s body till it is no longer useful. Baby intends to wipe out all remaining Saiyans and revive the Tuffles. It is such a crying shame that a Baby controlled Vegeta will never be canon.


Dragon Ball GT Respected The Anime’s Legacy

DBZ Villains

The MCU did it now. But Dragon Ball GT did it before it was cool. The anime was one of the first of its kind to bridge two different shows set in different timelines via introducing characters from one show into another. Dragon Ball Z had some pretty amazing villains. When the Gates of Hell broke down, many Dragon ball Z villains like Dr. Gero, Nappa, Cooler, Saibamen, Android 19, and Raditz appear in the series.

Exploring Uub’s Potential


After the death of Kid Buu, his evil elf is reincarnated in the form of Uub. Uub is the result of Buu’s innocence and benevolence being condensed into a body. Unlike Buu, Uub is one of the good guys. Dragon Ball Z ended with Uub being taken under the tutelage of Goku. That was kind of a strange ending but had wild ramifications in Dragon Ball GT, the subsequent series. Uub was touted to become the new heir to the mantle of Goku after the show destroyed Gohan’s prospects to take over his father’s role. Uub became a more complex character with a lot of character development. He did appear again in Dragon Ball Super but did not have as much an impact.

Exploring The History Of The Dragon Balls

Shadow Dragons

Dragon Ball Z expanded the Dragon Ball mythos with the Frieza saga, giving us the Namekian Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball GT started off with the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls. Then came the Shadow Dragons, evil entities that came into being because of sinister and negative Dragon Ball wishes. The Shadow Dragon saga is touted to be a unique arc within the Dragon Ball universe because it explored surprisingly unknown waters.



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