Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s Krillin Looks to Have Arrived in Elden Ring, in Some Odd, Yet Hilarious Circumstances

That one time when Harry Potter's Dobby did a fusion with Dragon Ball's Krillin.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's Krillin Looks to Have Arrived in Elden Ring, in Some Odd, Yet Hilarious Circumstances


  • Elden Ring features over 140 enemy types, more than any game developed by FromSoftware.
  • Release date of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is still a mystery to this date.
  • In the game, Albinauric are described as artificial lifeforms created by humans.
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Elden Ring holds a treasure trove of mysteries in the Lands Between; some can blow anyone’s mind when surface. The game and Dragon Ball share no connection except they both connect to Bandai Namco. However, there is one creature that can easily leave anyone scratching their head as it appears to be a fusion between characters from Harry Potter and DBZ.


Among a variety of creatures featured in the game, none have shared such similarities with characters from other universes. FromSoftware has poured nearly 140 unique characters into Elden Ring, more than any of their games. Available data shows that by February 2023, the game has sold over 20 Million copies globally.

So What is This Elden Ring Creature Showing Off Dragon Ball Skills?

Albinaurics appears like a fusion form of Dragon Ball's Krillin and Harry Potter's Dobby.
Albinaurics appears like a fusion form of Dragon Ball’s Krillin and Harry Potter’s Dobby.

In a gameplay video shared by a Reddit user dubbed TheSassBandit, the player is being attacked by a creature throwing a magical disk it created out of thin air. The magical spell resonates with Krillin’s Destructo Disc, a golden ki capable of slashing anything into half. One user namely xXCh4r0nXx asked “Krillin? Is that you?


The creature in focus is an Albinauric, one of the enemies that players encounter in the Elden Ring. According to the game’s narrative, they are accursed souls untouched by the Erdtree’s grace. Moreover, there are first-generation Albinaurics who possess human-like forms and second-generation Albinaurics who are shorter than the former.

Furthermore, if the players observe them closely, they share an appearance like Dobby, a magical house-elf donning a pillowcase from Harry Potter. However, users on Reddit were more inclined toward the Albinauric’s ability than the appearance. If both Krillin and Dobby are taken into account, fans can imagine the creature born out of a fusion between the two characters rather than being created by humans.

The Game is Full of Beguiling Creatures

The game features over 140 unique enemies.
The game features over 140 unique enemies.

Upon exploring the Lands Between, players come across several interesting creatures that appeal immediately upon encounter. Iron Fist Alexander, who is a living jar (literally), can be found in a lava pool in Mt. Gelmir. Players have come across a theory that explains he could have been full of crucible knight corpses. This also explains his warrior attitude in the game.


And there are some creepy discoveries in the game alike. There are land octopi whose adult form can be challenging for the players, however, the baby form is easily dealable. The chanting winged dames are accompanied by giant bats, and as the name suggests, they chant, which can be unnerving. More such discoveries could arrive with the game’s upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Shadow of the Erdtree, whose coming no one knows of yet.

Following the announcement in February 2023, players are still awaiting its arrival. Although the delay might be good as it may give fans something amusing. Until then, they can feast their eyes on something like Garden of Eyes DLC. Though it is not exactly a DLC but a mod, it has grabbed a whole heap of attention.

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