Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 8 Heartwarming & Hilarious Behind The Scene Stories

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We were recently rewarded with the trailer of a new episode of Marvel Studios‘ Assembled. The actors that were side-kicks a few movies earlier are now sharing the spotlights as the main leads in their own show. The new episode is more like a documentary-style production video that gives the fans insights behind the camera scenes. These “behind the scenes” photos and videos intrigue the viewers as equally as the series does. Hence we have brought eight heartwarming and hilarious behind the scene stories. Enjoy!


1 The iconic and most hilarious “therapy session”

Bucky and Sam's Therapy behind the scene
Bucky and Sam in therapy

The therapy session we saw in jail was hilarious. Their banter is what we love the most about the duo and the series too. Well, it turns out the scene where they sit for an exercise with intertwined legs wasn’t scripted. This makes it even more amazing, doesn’t it? Amy Aquino, the actor who played the therapist in the show, told this in an interview and also thanked God that she didn’t know them better “because had I known them better — because I only met them that day — I probably would not have been able to keep a straight face.”

2 Bucky with his stunt double


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A post by John Nania (@johnninja)

Sebastian Stan’s stunt double for The Falcon and Winter Soldier is John Nania. The series’ season one recently came to an end. Here is a photo of John and Sebastian shared via John’s Instagram account. The actor mentions how he had a great time working with the team, and he considers this one as his career’s highlight. He talks about their last day on the set and Sebastian Stan’s incredible gesture. The team looks like so much fun. 


3 Anthony’s action scene from Episode 5


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A post by Sebastian Stan (@imsebastianstan)

This is the scene where Sam and Bucky beat up John Walker and take the shield back. Look at how the scene was shot. The actors take tremendous efforts to get one shot right, and behind the shots is another super team that delivers it right. The video is just another portrayal of that, and we love it. Plus, look at Sebastian’s efforts to edit Anthony’s behind the scene video.

4 Zemo’s dance moves

Baron Zemo dance moves
Zemo and his moves

The dance moves we saw from Zemo in Madripoor were too good, and we were taken aback by the sight of him dancing. It was the last thing anyone must have imagined: Zemo dancing. We pretty much had the same reaction as Bucky and Sam, but it turns out those iconic dance moves were also not scripted. Daniel Brühl, the great actor that he is, improvised it thinking it was needed for the scene. He says that the crowd and the beats got him dancing. Well, he wasn’t wrong. We enjoyed Zemo’s dance, for a change.

5 Anthony on the sets of Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie Falcon suit
The suit comprises of 12 elements

In an interview, Anthony talked about his experience on the set and about his friendship with Sebastian Stan. It is so much fun to know about all the behind the scenes stories and actors’ heartwarming experiences on the movie sets. He mentioned that his suit has most pieces in all other Avenger’s suits during the interview, which is 12 elements. Yet he found the suit to be very comfortable. He said that among the two best moments of Falcon on screen is the first action sequence from the pilot episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. When asked about his friendship with Sebastian, he said that he is the most boring person and that he’s shy and introverted. 


6 This one is hilarious!

The way Anthony dresses up as Falcon and teases Tom Holland in the most cutest and hilarious way possible. If anything, this screams FRIENDSHIP!! This is my personal favorite behind the scene story. 

7 Daniel and Sebastian- hilarious behind the scene story

Daniel and Sebastian behind the scene
Daniel and Sebastian behind the scenes

These two have a very hilarious behind the scene story. While speaking in an interview, Daniel revealed the reason behind the scene where he plays with the Winter Soldier’s chin. He said that the part wasn’t scripted and instead, he did that to help Sebastian with the laugh. Also, he revealed that there were many parts where Sebastian couldn’t control his laughter, so here he helps him in keeping a straight face. He said that he was very happy to find out that the final cut had his dance.


8 Erin Kellyman’s experience 


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A post by Erin Kellyman (@erin.kellyman)

In an interview, Erin stated her feelings about giving her performance along with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, and other superhero co-stars. Since her character in the show is as strong as Sam or Bucky, she said that she had to constantly bring back her focus during fight sequences. This was, mainly, because she has seen the actors perform the character since she was a kid and now fighting against them felt surreal to her.

These behind the scene stories from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are creating more interest in people’s minds and are making us eager to watch the new episode of Marvel Studios’ Assembled. Let us know your thoughts about it.

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