Good Biopics Hated By The People They Were Based On

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Biopics are based on real life stories of real life people. It helps us relate to the character better if a movie is based on true events. Biopics help share stories that would have remain unheard and unseen if not for Hollywood.


But not every one of those biopics gets to have the same level of glory. Some of these biopics are so hurtful the very people they are based upon have distanced themselves from it.


All Eyez On Me – Jada Pinkett Smith Calls It “Deeply Hurtful”

All Eyez On me - Biopics
All Eyez On Me – Jada Pinkett Smith

The critically acclaimed movie was based on the life and times of the OG Gangster celeb – Tupac Shakur. But it was not Tupac who hated the movie. In fact, rapper Tupac was not even alive when the movie was released. It was another actor who was a subject of the film that got irked.

Jada Pinkett Smith, as it turns out, just gets drawn to controversies like moth to flame. Back then, Smith took to Twitter to express her vivid disappointment of her portrayal in the movie. She claims many of the events and scenes between jada and Tupac did not happen in real life. The way the movie portrayed her relationship with Tupac was termed “deeply hurtful” by the actor.


Patch Adams – The Real Patch Adams Was Infuriated

Patch Adams - Biopics
Patch Adams

The cult classic movie shows Robin Williams as a doctor who uses laughter and costumes to spread joy and happiness among his patients. The movie was a box office success but was blasted by the critics, who called it everything from brain-dead to obnoxious.

The real life Patch Adams, on whom the movie was based, also hated the film. He criticized the director and the writers for focusing too much on the comedy element. There were other more important events in his life like his social activism and his campaign to build a free hospital that didn’t make it to the movie.


Pain & Gain – The Victim Families Were NOT Happy

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain – Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie

Taking a break from his explosions and high octane car chases, michael Bay went for an action comedy movie called Pain & Gain. The 2013 movie starred Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and Dwayne Johnson as three bodybuilders who embark on a life of crime.

The movie uses dark humor to try to sugarcoat the horrible things the real life trio the movie’s based upon did. Many of the victims’ families, whose members were brutally murdered by the real life trio, spoke out. They said the movie trivialized their losses in the name of humor.


Black Mass – The Real Whitey Bulger Hates The Film

Black Mass - Johnny Depp
Black Mass – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp really hit the ball out of the park with his portrayal of Boston gangster overlord – Whitey Bulger. His portrayal won numerous accolades and the movie itself was a critical and commercial hit. But there was one small problem. The person who Depp played in the film – Whitey Bulger, hates the film.

Bulger, a legendary criminal, is also the inspiration for the character Jack Nicholson plays in The Departed. He is currently serving multiple life sentences. Bulger says that Black Mass unfairly puts all the blame on him while subtly leaving out the real culprit – the then Federal Government.


The Fifth Estate – Julian Assange Calls It “Propaganda”

The Fifth Estate - Benedict Cumberbatch
The Fifth Estate – Benedict Cumberbatch

Many people have strong views on Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. He was responsible for releasing several classified national and international secrets all over the internet. Now he lives his life as a political refugee. It was only natural Hollywood would try to make a movie out of him given his controversial stature.

Cumberbatch contacted Assange several times via email to get to know the character better. Assange reportedly asked him to back out of the film many times. Assange still calls The Fifth estate a “lie built upon a lie.” Go figure.



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