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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’: How Movie Differs From Comic

James Gunn’s movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy” swept the world as one of the best superhero movies. In fact, GOTG is considered to be one of the best superhero teams along with Justice League and Avengers. However, did you know that GOTG actually differs a lot from the Marvel comic? In 1969, they first appeared in Marvel Super-heroes with issues #18. All the characters and situations were created by Stan Lee and Arnold Drake. In 1976, Guardians were given their own series “Marvel Presents“. After a lot of ups and downs, a new ongoing series starring the originals Guardians, titled “Guardians 3000” launched in 2014. However, there are a few things that were not included in the movies which were a part of the comic. Check the list out!

1. Groot’s Catchphrase Comes From A Degenerative Disease

Groot in comics v/s movie
Groot in comics v/s movie

In the film, we often get to hear the famous quote “I am Groot“. However, the reason behind this is specified in the comic version. His race is plagued by a genetic disorder. This causes the vocal cords to tighten over time. Hence, his race can only speak three words.

2. Nebula-Thanos Relationship Was Even More Twisted In The Comic

Nebula in comic v/s movie
Nebula in comic v/s movie

In the movie, sisters Nebula and Gamora are made to fight each other for their father Thano’s approval. However, in the comic, Nebula and Thanos’ relationship is violent. He captures her, punishes her, and turns her into the half-melted and decayed figure.

3. Star-Lord: From War Veteran To Chris Pratt

Star-Lord in comics v/s movie
Star-Lord in comics v/s movie

In the comics, Star-Lord was a war veteran who has appeared in many comics and has fought many battles. But when it came to the movies, it was Chris Pratt’s debut. So the backstory would not have followed well in the movie. That is why Star-Lord was portrayed as a legendary outlaw.

4. Michelle Yeoh And Sylvester Stallone’s Characters Have A Creepy Connection

Reason why we have male and female Starhawk
The reason why we have male and female Starhawk

Starhawk is actually one entity made up of two beings in the comics. So, we get to see male and female versions of Starhawk. Also, the pair indulges in a romantic relationship in the comics that makes things more complicated.

5. Rocket Raccoon In The Comic Was Created To Keep Psychiatric Patients Company

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon

In the movie, Rocket Raccoon hints at having a very difficult past. Its origin can be traced in the comics that are not mentioned in the movie. He was to keep patients company and later begins his career as a space scoundrel.

6. In The Comic, Star-Lord’s Father Is Even Worse Than Ego

Star-Lord's father
Star-Lord’s father

In the movie, Star-Lord’s father is revealed as Ego who was a total jerk. However, in the comics, his father was not Ego. Moreover, he is nothing as compared to Ego in the movies. He is way eviler than him,

7. Starfox, Thanos’ Creepy Brother Joined Avengers

Starfox: Thanos' brother
Starfox: Thanos’ brother

Thanos has a lot of history in the comics. Whereas, MCU has limited stuff to show in the movies. One aspect that they eliminated is his creepy brother Starfox. Using his skills, he joins Avengers.

8. Gamora In Comics Is More Deadly As Compared To The Big Screen

Gamora in comics v/s movie
Gamora in comics v/s movie

Thanos’ daughter ‘Gamora’ is the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy. But if we compare the comics version and the movie, she has a lot more blood on her hands in the comics.